Bathroom Flooring Guide

Which flooring you choose for your bathroom can be a difficult choice to make, as your bathroom floor will naturally encounter a lot of water spillages and humid conditions. Therefore, the flooring you choose needs to be able to withstand a harsh, bathroom environment.

If you’re finding the decision difficult to make, then keep reading to discover expert advice on which flooring materials are suitable for a bathroom and what you should take into consideration before making your final decision.

1. What should I consider before choosing my bathroom floor?

All bathrooms will encounter a lot of water and humidity, so everyone should take this into consideration before picking their bathroom floor. Additionally, as all bathrooms will experience a lot of water spillages and moisture, it’s important that the flooring is slip resistant for safety purposes. This is especially important if you have very young or very old people at home!

Additionally, consider how much you want to be cleaning and replacing your bathroom floor. For example, if you choose a flooring material which isn’t suitable to cope with a lot of water spillages then you will need to repair or replace it a lot more than one that is.

Finally, you should also consider what style and feel you want your bathroom to have. Many people now prefer the look of neutral shades for a bathroom but blue and ‘sea side inspired’ colours are still very popular!

bathroom flooring

2. What bathroom flooring options are available?

Bathroom Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles are a great choice for a bathroom as they’re water resistant and slip resistant. Additionally, as there’s a wide range to choose from you’re sure to find something which will match your desired look.

Vinyl tiles also work well over underfloor heating, which is obviously a massive pro if this is something that you’re considering installing in your bathroom.

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Bathroom Carpet Flooring

Although vinyl flooring is a much more popular choice for a bathroom, carpet can still be a good choice depending on your lifestyle, personal taste and how much time you will put into maintaining the flooring.

Carpet will of course have a cosier feel underfoot and be much warmer to step on after your early morning shower, however, ideally you will need to choose a hard-wearing choice and be aware that the moisture and humidity will make maintaining the floor difficult.

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Bathroom Laminate Flooring

In the past, laminate flooring wouldn’t usually have been considered suitable for bathrooms, as it’s prone to expansion and contraction. Some type of laminate flooring materials can also be easily damaged by excessive water spillages.

However, here at BestatFlooring we offer a range of Quick-Step Laminate which has been specifically made so it can be installed in bathrooms!

quick step wetroom

3. How do I decide which option is right for me?

The most popular type of flooring for a bathroom is probably vinyl, however, it depends on your lifestyle and how much time you want to spend maintaining your bathroom floor.

Plus, not to mention your personal taste and budget!

Which option creates a modern and contemporary vibe?

Laminate flooring will always have a modern and fresh look, so it could be a good choice. However, as vinyl is more suitable to deal with a bathroom environment then you could choose vinyl tiling which has a very similar look to laminate or check out the Quick-Step Laminate flooring options.


Can I have wooden flooring in my bathroom?

The biggest issue you will face when choosing wooden flooring in your bathroom is the humidity. Engineered wood flooring would be a more suitable choice for a bathroom, mainly because the structure of the engineered wood can withstand the humidity that a bathroom naturally experiences.

If you’re having a wooden floor installed in your bathroom then it’s wise to leave a 20mm gap between the planks and wall when fitting, this will probably be hidden by the skirting boards anyway but it will just allow the wood to expand and contract without restriction.

Is carpet a wise choice for a bathroom?

Although carpet for the bathroom isn’t as popular as vinyl you can still choose to install it if you wish. Some people prefer carpet everywhere in their home as it feels soft and warm underfoot. However, obvious issues with carpet in the bathroom is the wetness. If a carpet encounters a water spillage, then it will naturally take a lot longer to dry than if vinyl did. Constant spillages could also cause damage to the flooring!

Humidity and steam will also have a negative impact on your carpet.

Some alternative options if you want your bathroom to have a warmer look is to add in a rug.

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4. How do I care for my bathroom floor?

This completely depends on what material you’ve chosen for your bathroom floor.

Caring for Vinyl Tiles in the bathroom

Vinyl is a great choice for a bathroom as it’s waterproof and easy to clean. However, it’s important to try and clean up any spillages which may occur right away, as if they’re left they can damage the flooring or become harder to clean. It could be wise to get into the habit of cleaning up your flooring right after a bath/shower.

Mop frequently and try to sweep beforehand to remove hairs and dust.

Caring for Carpet in the bathroom

Regular vacuuming is required and it’s advisable to deep clean the carpet in your bathroom on a more regular basis than any carpet in the rest of your home. Your bathroom will need good ventilation to prevent damp occurring and to dry the carpet after you use the shower/bath.

Caring for Laminate in the bathroom

Firstly, you need to make sure that you’re choosing a laminate flooring material which is suitable for a bathroom, otherwise, you may end up replacing your flooring sooner than you think.

When it comes to cleaning laminate flooring in your bathroom ensure to remove dirt and dust by sweeping daily. Also, ensure to mop the floor at least once a week but make sure to do it with a well wrung out mop. As if any water is left sitting on top of the floor it could cause serious damage to it.

As the flooring in your bathroom will experience a lot of water spillages it’s wise to clean the floor on a more regular basis than other rooms in your home!

We hope you have found this guide useful and inspirational. Head back over to BestatFlooring website here to choose the perfect flooring for your bedroom.