Guide to Solid Wood Flooring

A favourite across many customers, solid wood flooring provides a beautiful traditional look to your home. If you’re considering installing Solid Wood Flooring then continue reading this guide to discover the pros and cons, the different types available and tips on keeping it looking its best!

What are the benefits of choosing wood flooring?

A good quality solid wood floor can last for decades and, when well maintained, can look better and better as time goes on. Choose your species of wood wisely, and ensure it is kept up to scratch with a wood treatment. Wood flooring is more hygienic and easier to clean than carpet, so would be a great option for homes with children and pets. A quick sweep can keep your floor looking pristine and spills can be easily cleaned up with a damp mop. Installing a solid wood floor can even add value to your home. It has been found that homes with solid wood floors often sell much quicker than those without.

What are the disadvantages of solid wood flooring?

Solid wood flooring requires a lot of maintenance to keep it in perfect condition – needing regular polishing and treatments. It can also warp if left in contact with direct sunlight or high temperatures. Spillages need to be cleaned up very quickly as water left on the surface of a solid wood floor can cause irreparable damage. Therefore, it would not be the best choice for a kitchen or bathroom. Hard wood floors can also be susceptible to scuffs and marks from heavy foot traffic and moving furniture. High heels are a big no for solid wood floors. In summary, a solid wood floor will need a bit of extra TLC!

What are the different species of solid wood flooring?

Solid wood flooring comes in a huge variety of species – each with their own look and feel. Different types of wood also have their own characteristics, so it is important to analyse what you need from your floor before making a choice. Below are a few of the species of solid wood available;

Ash – This light-coloured wood is tough and highly flexible. An Ash wood floor is stronger than Oak but less resistant to moisture – consider using it in an area less prone to spills.

Oak – Oak is both beautiful and incredibly hard-wearing. It is also a durable species and would be a good choice for a living area. The colour can even get richer over the years, if properly looked after.

Maple – People are initially attracted to the rich colour of Maple, but this stylish wood also requires very little maintenance. However, maple does not cope well with heat or humidity so it is important to consider the characteristics of the room before installing.

Walnut – Walnut has a dark rich colour and obvious grains and knots, giving it a lovely rustic look. This is a durable choice and can last for generations, however, it is very expensive and can be prone to scuffs if furniture is moved over it.

How to maintain solid wood flooring?

It is important to keep your solid wood floor dry as water left on the surface will cause damage. You can also protect your floor from furniture with pads for the feet of sofas and chairs. Avoid warping from excess sunlight by drawing curtains on a very sunny day.

There are many treatments available to keep your floor in pristine condition such as oils and lacquers. Speak to one of our advisors for tips on what treatment to use for your floor.

Solid wood flooring is high maintenance, however, if well looked after it can be a great investment for your home. A beautiful Oak or Maple can add instant warmth and timeless style to any space, and could even increase your chances of selling!

Here at BestatFlooring we offer a wide range of solid wood flooring , so you’re sure to find the perfect flooring to suit your taste and lifestyle.