Sanders & Fink Accessories

The Sanders and Fink Accessories collection brings a flourish to your floor as well as offering a verity of products that help with installation and maintenance of your new flooring. Utilise the Sanders & Fink underlay to reduce noise, add warmth to your room and comfort to your new flooring. The range of underlays allows you to choose what you type of subflooring you really need depending on what room the flooring is going in. For durable and long lasting products look no further than the Sanders & Fink Accessories. Sanders & Fink pride themselves on being a brand you can put your trust into. Every product that Sanders & Fink provide has been made to get the job done and get it done right the first time. The installation kits that are listed include all of the essentials that are required when installing Sanders & Fink Flooring as well as many other designs of flooring.

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