Karndean Accessories

Here at Best at Flooring, we want you to make the most out of your new flooring, whether this being protecting your flooring or adding detail. Karndean Accessories are great for this as they offer a verity of products that can help you transform your flooring. Take a look at their amazing design strips which can be placed in between flooring planks to provide additional detailing and definition to your flooring. The same applies to your stone effect flooring with the grout strips, they apply style and define each tile. If you need protection for your new Karndean flooring then look no further. We stock a range of Karndeans special cleaners and protectors that won’t damage your flooring like many household appliances can do. Don’t forget about adhesives, you can find a range of Karndean adhesives which is suited for many types of vinyl flooring, including high-temperature and pressure sensitive adhesives.

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