Interface Carpets

Interface Carpet Tiles

The largest designer and manufacturer of carpet tile products in the world, Interface aim to prove that sustainability is always better for business. Carpet tiles have been produced since the 70’s, but with great costs to the environment. With this in mind, Interface have established their Mission Zero®, a plan to eliminate any negative impact of the company’s manufacturing processes on the environment by 2020.

By designing a better product manufacturing cycle, from the first threads of yarn to the completed product, Interface can ensure their products are greener and made in an ethical way, whilst also maintaining the highest standards of quality. The company uses the least amount of materials possible, careful to provide the same durability and performance for their products. By switching from virgin to recycled raw materials, Interface can significantly improve their carbon footprint, offering customers eco-friendly products for their homes.

Here at Best at Flooring you can discover two collections from this brand, the Saturn and the Series 1.101, with a total of 30 amazing products. We have listed a few key advantages and features of these ranges, to help you decide on the best carpet tile to match your property makeover plans.

The Works Balance Collection

Linear yet textured, Works Balance takes inspiration from the architectural perspectives of tall city skyscrapers. Our Skinny Planks format emphasises this structural feel, and eight colourways reinforce the urban theme, with variations on greys, dark blues and teal.

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The Employ Collection

The Employ Collection offers versatile design options in a package that’s easy to work with and friendly on your Employ Lines offers a dynamic linear pattern. Employ Dimensions offers a linear design in the 25 x 100 cm Skinny Planks format.  They work perfectly together but can also be used on their own.

Employ Lines can be used on its own as a dynamic statement. Employ Dimensions can make an expressive statement when installed herringbone, or a refined look with the ashlar installation method.

The eight colourways of Employ Lines and Employ Dimensions combine four colours from the Loop range, allowing you to create a design aesthetic with playful elements.