Simply put, once you have placed your order you can log in to your Clearpay account to view your orders, manage your account and make payments!

How Does ClearPay Work?

Can’t wait until pay day? ClearPay has come to the rescue. Shop all your Best At’s must haves and pay later, with 4 interest free payments. The requirements are simple you just need to be 18 years or above, a resident of the UK with a debit/credit card, along with a UK mobile number.


What is ClearPay?

ClearPay is an instalment payment option, that allows us to offer our customers the ability to purchase their favourite products now and pay for them later in 4 instalments every 2 weeks interest free when the payments are made on time. Need more assurance visit the ClearPay website here.

How Do I Use ClearPay?

All you need to do is shop your goodies on the Best At website and on checkout just choose ClearPay as your payment method.

You will then be directed to the ClearPay’s website to register and provide your payment details. However, if you already have a ClearPay account you would just need to log into the account and complete your purchase. It’s that simple!

Can I Use ClearPay If I'm An International Customer?

Regrettably, ClearPay is only available for customers with a UK billing address.

How Does The ClearPay Instalment System Work?

At the time of purchase a first payment should be made. The remainder of the 3 payments are deducted every 2 weeks from your selected payment account. You can also pay earlier than the payment is due and ClearPay will adjust to the new amount accordingly.

You can log into your ClearPay account to view your scheduled payments before they are due, so you are ensured not to miss any .

What If I Can't Pay A ClearPay Instalment?

If you are unable to make the payment on its due date a £6 fee will be incurred. If the required funds are not available 7 days later, another £6 charge will be added on. However, late fees will not exceed 25% of the total order.

If you like more assurance, on how it works please see the ClearPay purchase agreement here.

When Will My Items be Delivered If I Use ClearPay?

Orders that have been made using ClearPay follow our standard delivery timeframes, as with any order made on Best At.

Can I Use Another Form Of Payment With ClearPay?

Yes, you an use promotional codes with ClearPay to for your purchase.

How Do I Return An Item Purchased With ClearPay?

ClearPay returns follow our standard returns policy. If a refund has been offered the funds will be processed back to your ClearPay account.

Still unclear? To find out more on the matter click here.

Want To Find Out More About ClearPay?

You can surely visit the ClearPay website here for any further FAQ’s, you can also access ClearPay’s Privacy Policy here as well.

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