Outdoor Flooring

Natural grass looks amazing when properly cared for, but it’s also time-consuming and difficult to maintain. Especially with the unpredictable British weather which we often experience. Therefore, artificial grass could be a fantastic option for you to explore.

Below we’ve listed the pros and cons for choosing artificial grass over natural, to hopefully help you understand if artificial grass is right for you.

Pros of choosing artificial grass:

The main attraction for choosing artificial grass flooring over natural grass is that it’s low maintenance, so you don’t need to worry about who will water the grass whilst you’re on holiday, or weeding and mowing the lawn. It’s also hard-wearing and durable, so if you have a lot of outdoor parties or young boys who like to play football, it could be a great option!

Other advantages are that it’s long-lasting, fade-resistant and creates a smooth and soft surface to walk on.

Many people who have a small and awkward outdoor area choose artificial grass over natural, such as people who have roof terraces or outdoor areas where grass wouldn’t normally grow.

Overall, artificial grass is a fantastic option for outdoor flooring if you want good looking grass all year long with very little maintenance!

Cons of choosing artificial grass:

For some people, a reason why they wouldn’t choose artificial grass is quite simply because it’s just not the real thing. No matter how beautiful it may look. Some people also enjoy and thrive from watering and caring for their live lawn, so installing artificial grass would take away their leisurely gardening time. Overall, the main reason why you wouldn’t choose artificial grass for your outdoor flooring is if you already have a beautiful lawn which you’re proud of and enjoy maintaining.

Where can I lay artificial grass?

You can install artificial grass on hard surfaces, such as concrete, wooden decking or onto soil. Basically, it can be pretty much laid anywhere outside, and in some cases, if you wished, inside.