Guide to Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles are a fully-functional flooring solution, offering a versatile product for both commercial properties and life at home. If you’re considering installing Carpet Tiles then continue reading this guide to discover the pros and cons, the different types available and tips on keeping your floor looking its best!

What are the benefits of choosing carpet tiles?

When comfort is a priority, nothing compares to the feel and warmth of carpet. Carpet tiles in particular offer convenience as well as comfort, as they can be installed easily and replaced one by one if they get damaged or stained.

Carpet tiles are cost effective in themselves, but are also incredibly practical when it comes to getting them home and installing them yourself. The tiles are packed in flat boxes so can be easily loaded into a car. Plus, the fuss-free installation means you won’t need to hire a professional to fit the floor for you! In addition to this, they include a strong backing so do not need any underlay.

Maintenance is not an issue with carpet tiles, which makes them an excellent choice for many areas in the home. Regularly vacuuming and soaking up any spills quickly is enough to keep your floor looking great. If any tiles do become stained, they can be replaced individually without needing to pull up the whole floor.

What are the disadvantages of carpet tiles?

After a lot of wear and tear, the edges and corners of carpet tiles may start to fray. However, this can easily be resolved by replacing any affected tiles. Tiles may also become loose over time as the glue starts to age. If this happens, you can easily re-glue the area. Using high-quality carpet adhesive can help to avoid this. Seams between tiles can detract from the look of your floor. However, excellent quality carpet tiles in a design you love can give a great aesthetic effect.

What are the different styles of carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles come in a fantastic range of colours and styles to suit your home décor. We are sure we will have the right style for you, but why not browse our Carpet Tiles department to see what options we have on offer.

How to maintain carpet tiles?

To extend the lifespan of the flooring it would be wise to add welcome matts to entrances to avoid excess dirt being walked over the floor. It is also best to deal with spillages quickly, as if they are left unattended they can cause staining. However, if a carpet tile does become damaged or stained, it can be removed and replaced with ease.

A fantastically low-maintenance option, carpet tiles are hard-wearing and can be easily maintained by regularly vacuuming and dealing with spills quickly. It’s no wonder carpet tiles are seen as the best option for rooms with high footfall.


Carpet will always be a popular flooring choice due the warmth, comfort and style it brings to any interior. Many people prefer the look of carpet as opposed to other flooring materials as it gives a cosier and more relaxing feel. It’s important that you take good care of your carpet by regularly vacuuming and carrying out a monthly deep clean.

Here at BestatFlooring we offer a wide range of carpet tiles, so you’re sure to find the perfect flooring to suit your taste and lifestyle.