If you’re looking for the perfect blend of elegance, quality, and convenience, you’ll love the Eligna collection. Made by Quick-Step, this range offers a practical and long-lasting solution to make your home look stylish and welcoming at the same time.

Choose the design that will blend into your home with ease from the available options listed on this page. The colours range from almost white to grey and sandy brown, warming up to natural tones and medium brown colours. Darker floors with walnut and even dark grey colours provide the ideal solution to add visual impact to a décor. All of these floors have a seamless surface when installed, without bevels, making cleaning as easy as possible.

More than just beautiful, these laminate floors also feature the brand’s Scratch Guard technology, offering up to ten times more scratch-resistance compared to standard laminate floors. The Quick-Step Eligna laminate floors come with planks that measure 8mm x 156mm x 1380mm. A range of Eligna flooring with wider planks is also available.

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