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Welcome to Best at Flooring’s Karndean Flooring Section. Here you will find the ideal products to help you bring the timeless look of natural flooring into your home, but without the hassle of marble, stone or wood flooring. All the floors from Karndean are comfortable and practical, softer and warmer than natural flooring and also extremely easy to maintain spotless over time. The company uses the latest innovations and technology to create products such as the Art Select and Looselay that will last for a very long time and can offer an incredible lifetime guarantee.

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Karndean’s exquisite floors can rejuvenate the look of any setting and property, providing the unique appeal of natural products, with a vast range of practical features. The wooden effect tiles are completely quiet underfoot, gorgeous antique ceramic tiles will never crack or chip, whilst complex mosaic patterns will feel soft and warm. Competitively priced and versatile, you can choose from a large selection of classic and modern designs, unique patterns and textures, to find the perfect floor to create a unique and personalised living space.

Why choose Karndean?

The Look
To choose Karndean, first of all you have to love the look of natural hard wood or stone floor – whether you love simplicity or more sophisticated effects. There are hundreds of different styles, colours, tones, textures and decorative finishes to choose from.

Karndean offers all the attractions of wood and stone without any of the drawbacks of these materials. Karndean still needs care and attention, however maintenance and cleaning is minimal – just a quick mop with Karndean Clean. Our floors are also warmer underfoot and

Karndean copes beautifully with the rigours of busy commercial and retail environments, so it can handle the toughest domestic situation.

Designflooring is hardwearing, we offer a Lifetime guarantee on all of our products. In the unlikely event of damage, a Karndean Designflooring plank or tile can be replaced easily. This is a huge advantage over products supplied on a roll such as carpet, linoleum and sheet vinyl and click together floors such as laminate, as damage means a costly replacement of your whole floor.

Why choose LooseLay?
LooseLay keeps things simple on the fitting front but also brings variety in styles. Here are 7 reasons for choosing LooseLay for your home:

Easy installation
You don’t need any special equipment or adhesives. Karndean LooseLay uses K-wave friction grip backing to secure the planks or tiles to the floor beneath. All you need is a ruler, a Stanley knife and gloves and you can lay your own LooseLay on any hard, flat, smooth floor.

LooseLay planks can easily be removed individually, which means if you’re done with your LooseLay in one room, you can reuse it in another. It also means on the rare occasion that a plank is damaged, you can remove it without having to shift an entire row of planks, as is the case with click flooring.

Stable dimensions
Unlike hardwood floors and even engineered wood, LooseLay will not change shape or dimensions when exposed to moisture. This means changes in humidity are not a problem, so you don’t need to account for expansion or contraction when fitting your LooseLay.

Comfort and quiet
The thicker design of LooseLay makes it quiet, comfortable and warm under foot.

Easy to maintain
Like most luxury vinyl flooring, there is little upkeep with LooseLay. Just sweep, mop and you’re done. Its durable nature means you won’t need to carry out repairs often either.

Again, as with other luxury vinyl options, LooseLay is dust-free, making it a more hygienic option than carpet.

Styles to suit
The different styles available, from providers such as Karndean, makes LooseLay a versatile option for use in any room, be it a bedroom or living room, kitchen or bathroom. Karndean supplies LooseLay in a range of colours and tones, from greys to reds, as well as in a variety of effects, including oak, pine and fabric.

How do you fit LooseLay?
LooseLay is easy to fit if you follow these instructions:

Step 1: always acclimatise
Remove your LooseLay from its packaging and leave it in the room where it will be installed for 48 hours. You can stack it but make sure it lies flat. Keep the room temperature between 18°C and 29°C.

Step 2: prep the floor
The floor you are laying your LooseLay on should be hard, smooth, level and dry. Remove any dust, dirt, oil or other grime.

Step 3: check the edges
Inspect the edges of the room to make sure they are solid and any openings, such as doorways, are edged with an appropriate tackifier.

Step 4: install
Install your LooseLay with a tight fit. This means each tile or plank should lie flush with each other and against the walls.

If the floor you are installing your LooseLay on is longer than 4 metres there is an extra step to follow before laying down your tiles or planks. You will need to place a strip of tackifier along the entire perimeter of the floor, as well as every 4 metres from each perimeter wall to create a grid.

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Vicky Harper

Excellent customer service from Joe, checking the accuracy of the order and regular contact. Will definitely recommend.

Posted 20 hours ago

Ross Warburton

Excellent service...very prompt delivery

Posted 4 days ago

John Pall

Ace. Easy to find the warehouse too. Good help loading up

Posted 1 week ago

Andy Northfield

Very helpful on the phone, quick to respond to enquiry and great prices. Will be happy to use again in the future.

Posted 1 week ago


Got a very nice oak floor at a really good price; I needed to match an existing floor and could have paid twice as much as I actually paid. I picked my floor up from Leeds and it was all good. I've now laod the floor and can confirm its quality and the fact it looks very good!

Posted 1 month ago

Mr Brown

Good product and advice. Needed a bit more timber to finish the job and best at flooring contacted me to arrange collection and endured they had stock out aside.

Posted 1 month ago


Great company ,brilliant service

Posted 1 month ago

Samir Chandoo

Got in touch as was confused about what Kahrs Flooring Spray I needed. Chatted to Zoe, on line, and she was most helpful - explained both options to me and ensured I knew which was the right product for me and our mop system. A god send as saved from an earache if I bought the wrong one.

Posted 1 month ago

Mrs Clayton

very happy with my purchase will buy from them again

Posted 1 month ago


Great price! Delivery on the day as expected.

Posted 1 month ago

Nigel Thompson

Great selection of flooring. I got Karndean Palio. Service from ordering to delivery was fantastic including personal contact. I can recommend and I will be using them again

Posted 1 month ago

Fiona Palmer

Fantastic service all the way, extremely friendly & professional. The new member of staffs first sale i believe & he was great. Highly recommended seller.

Posted 1 month ago


absolutely excellent service. everything arrived on time and in very good condition highly recommended

Posted 1 month ago


Superfast order processing and delivery. Very helpful customer service Thanks

Posted 1 month ago


Satisfied with flooring,a good product although a little pricey. Price was lower on website than we finished up paying.

Posted 1 month ago

Paul Moran

Amazing customer service, amazing pricing too. Have used before and would again.

Posted 1 month ago

Adrian Hlade

Very good quality and reasonable prices

Posted 1 month ago

Susan Ives

Ordering my flooring very easy over the phone and order arrived within a few days would definitely use this company when ordering again

Posted 1 month ago

Janice Muller

We've had great service from all the staff we have spoken to - a pleasure to deal with them!

Posted 1 month ago


Excellent value and service

Posted 2 months ago


I called to ask about a specific flooring we needed delivered within 2 days and I spoke to charlotte who was very friendly and helpful - great customer service! The delivery came nice and early, but the delivery men said we needed to bring all the flooring into the house within a couple of minutes, otherwise they would leave the wooden pallet with us. My husband and I are young and strong and so this was fine, but I think your company should look to improve the delivery process or at least allow more time. Not all customers will be physically able to respond in the same way, or will be equally happy to dispose of large wooden pallets.

Posted 2 months ago

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