Carpet next to wooden floor

What’s better – Carpet or Wooden floor?

If you’re about to move house, or in the midst of renovating, a big question will be what flooring to choose. Do you go for a soft and cosy carpet or a modern and sophisticated wooden floor? Both of which have their disadvantages and advantages!

If you’re feeling indecisive, then we hope that this blog post will offer some inspiration and advice on what flooring choice would suit you and your lifestyle best.

Why choose a Wooden Floor?

A wooden floor will always be a popular look for many homes as they’re sophisticated, sleek and stylish.

Additionally, in today’s market, there’s a wide variety of wooden flooring or ‘wooden looking’ flooring materials to choose from. Such as Engineered Wood, Laminate and Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Which you choose will depend on your lifestyle and budget.

Jason Selkirk from Ottawa Carpet Cleaning discussed with us a few major advantages of choosing hardwood flooring. ‘‘A major benefit of real hardwood is that you can sand and refinish the flooring numerous times in the future. This helps extend the lifetime of your flooring and maximize your investment. Plus, wood is a very popular choice for the main living areas of the home, including the living room and dining room, so it could help boost your selling price if you are looking to make a new real estate investment.’’

Timeless Style

Whether you’re looking to decorate your new home, or give a fresh update to a space you have been in for a while, you’ll appreciate the importance of a style that stands the test of time.

We were assured by Danny at Mac Flooring that a wooden floor is a safe bet

“Wooden floors have been used for centuries and simply never go out of style, as opposed to some other flooring options which can quickly look outdated.”


With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, hygiene is an important aspect to consider when choosing a floor for your home. Often the goal is to add a floor that is easy to clean and won’t mark easily. Some argue that having a wooden floor is the best option if keeping your home clean is a priority.

Jeffrey Weldler, Home Design Expert at Vänt Wall Panels added her insight on the advantage of having a wooden floor.

“One major advantage to light hardwood flooring is that it shows less dirt. Choose a modern satin finish, as it shows less scratches, dents, and imperfections. Light hardwood is ideal for families with children and pets.”

Why Choose a Carpet?

Many people are huge fans of the carpet. There’s something about the comforting feel of slipping your shoes off and stepping onto a soft floor! Carpet tiles can be a brilliant solution to adding some warmth and comfort to your home, and can be easily swapped out when you you’re craving a style update.

We’ve rounded up some of the advantages to opting for a carpet.


The comfort and warmth of a carpet is unrivalled.

Lauren Haynes – a cleaning expert at Star Domestic Cleaners discussed the debate between wooden and carpet floors.

“Comfort should play a factor when deciding between the two. […] Carpet is lovely and soft on the feet and warm in winter.”

So, if coziness is what you’re looking for in your home, carpet may be the way to go!


Carpet is undoubtedly the quieter option when choosing what type of flooring to use in your home. Having a floor that absorbs sound can be a huge selling point, especially for growing families.

“Carpets absorb noise much better than wooden or laminate flooring, meaning that they significantly reduce any echo in a room. They are also much quieter to walk around on, which is great if you have kids running around the house.” – Danny at Mac Floor.