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How to make any small space feel bigger

‘How to make a space feel bigger’ is the most frustrating conundrum that most homeowners will face when moving home or renovating. Whether it’s the bedroom, bathroom or living room, generally, there’s always one room in your home which you wish was just that little bit bigger!

However, there is a lot you can do to make your space feel bigger.

Keep reading to discover top tips on how to make any small space appear bigger than it actually is!

Add a variety of lights

Lighting is an incredibly important factor for any interior, especially if you want to create ambiance. It can also be used to make a space feel bigger, and bad lighting can therefore make a space feel smaller. So, it’s worth taking time to plan your lighting properly and what would work well in the space which you have.

Audra Hamlin from LineadiLiara Lighting, provided us with some insight on how to use lighting to create the illusion of there being more space.

‘‘One of the most effective ways to make a small space seem bigger is lighting.

The key is to layer a variety of lights throughout a room. From overhead chandeliers to wall sconces, from candlelight to floor lamps, lighting will brighten the room and add movement.’’

Be a minimalist

The less stuff you have in a room, the less cluttered it will feel and therefore the bigger it will appear.

It’s easy to hoard loved items, or obsessively buy new ones, however, consider being a little more ruthless when it comes to keeping or buying items, to create more space. Interior Designer, Ben de Mot, shared his thoughts on making any space feel bigger.

‘‘Be minimalist. A clean and tidy place will always look bigger than a messy one. Plus, the lower the furniture is, the bigger the space will look. Think about Japanese interiors, everything tends to be low, and rooms look huge.’’

Keep the window area free

If you have a small space to work with then you need to ensure that you’re getting as much light as possible! If you have huge plants and decorative items placed in front of your windows, then this will make the space feel cramped and prevent light from coming into the room.

Also, consider what curtains you will use as bulky ones will cramp the space more than a simple blind or thin curtain would.

Alexis Chateau, from Alexis Chateau, who enjoys designing spaces in her spare time, discussed with us her tips for creating the illusion of more space.

‘‘Keep the windows free and clear, and use sheer curtains.

View of the outdoors helps to open the room up a bit. Also, take a minimalist approach to decor. Less furniture, no knick-knacks.’’

Use large rugs

Rugs are a great way to bring colour and life to your interior! Not only will a rug give your space a stylish and contemporary feel but it can also help to make the space appear bigger.

Margherita Cesca Nelder-Haynes, Interior Designer, finds that large rugs and suspended furniture can help to create the illusion of more space.

‘‘Use large rugs which should include some of the furniture too as that will give depth to the floor/space. Additionally, where possible utilise suspended furniture and sanitary ware leaving the floor totally exposed.’’