Modern home interior with beautiful Quick-Step flooring.

What you need to know about Quick-Step flooring

At Best at Flooring, we select only the best quality flooring brands in the industry to work with us, which is why one of our favourites is of course Quick-Step.

Offering engineered wood flooring, laminate, and luxury vinyl flooring, Quick-Step offers a wide range of flooring products for both commercial and private properties, covering a grand range of styles suited to all kinds of décor.

But what makes Quick-Step so great at flooring?

It has a deep history of experience and knowledge

Quick-Step first hit the market in 1990 and was the very first company to introduce high quality laminate floors in Belgium; Quick-Step’s country of origin.

Only seven years later, the company invented Quick-Step’s legendary Uniclic system, which is thought of by many in the industry as nothing short of revolutionary and allows installers and homeowners to easily click their planks together — without the need for glue.

Indeed, Quick-Step is one of the leading flooring companies in the world in terms of innovation and design, which is why we are happy to sell the great flooring that it produces.

Its hardwood floors are some of the best in the industry

It is without a doubt that Quick-Step has a deep passion for all things wood and nature.

Each and every plank it manufactures is PEFC certified, which indicates that the wood comes solely from sustainably managed forests.

What’s more, the company uses a range of innovative treatment techniques such as fuming and specialised staining to ensure that every single plank has its own lively colour and is totally unique.

As an added detail, only some of the knots in its floors are partially filled, while others are sanded by hand so that the liveliness of the wood is naturally emphasised.

Its laminate floors are just as spectacular

Quick-Step produces some of the highest quality laminate floors in the industry and includes a wide range of natural-looking wood and stone designs, with each plank displaying its own unique character.

DIY-friendly, Quick-Step has a great range of designs and types that are suited for all areas of the home, and at Best at Flooring, we stock 13 different product lines, with each being specially designed and crafted to offer styles for every personality.

Quick-Step Lyvin is nearly peerless

When it comes to Quick-Step’s luxury vinyl flooring range, there are few other brands that put so much time and effort into creating the most beautiful and highest quality vinyl planks in the industry.

What’s more, Quick-Step’s vinyl floors are both thin and flexible, which makes them ideal for installation over a property’s existing floors.

For those that want to install their own floors, the drop-down click system means that Quick-Step’s luxury vinyl tiles are incredibly easy to install and are even suitable over low temperature underfloor heating systems.

We have a range of Quick-Step accessories within our store, which has absolutely everything you need if you fancy taking the DIY approach to laying your floor.

Modern tastefully decorated living room with Quick-Step flooring.