What Is LVT Flooring?

The popular trend and the gift of flooring that keeps on giving.

LVT stands for luxury vinyl tiles, otherwise known as luxury vinyl flooring, and it is a smart, innovative design of vinyl flooring. It features a printed decor which is sandwiched between layers of vinyl. The top layer is a durable, practical and scratch resistant surface which makes it incredibly easy to clean and maintain. There are always new trends in the flooring industry, and with interior design ever growing at a rate we can’t really keep up with, we’re quite confident that luxury vinyl flooring is one that will stick, quite literally.

dark tone luxury vinyl flooring

The Process of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Most, if not all types of luxury vinyl tile flooring has at least 5 layers. This essentially helps to keep the floor thin and flexible, whilst also being durable and waterproof. As mentioned briefly earlier on in this article, the top layer of the floor is a transparent protective coating which possesses a scratch resistance and stain guarding technology. Below this particular layer is the design layer which is high quality in order to provide a realistic and smooth appearance of a natural product.

Now, this design layer is a picture of the style of flooring so you can take your pick between wood or stone. The rest of the layers that make up the luxurious flooring, include sheets of fibre glass, moisture resistant layers and impact resistant core layers.

different shades of lvt flooring

What Are The Benefits Of Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Pet friendly – Wood and laminate flooring especially, can often cause a few issues with pets as it’s not the most effective on their little paws. In a lot of cases when it comes to laminate flooring, with cats and dogs it enables them to slide and catch them off balance. This also can scratch and damage the floor too. With luxury vinyl flooring however, thanks to its scratch resistant technology and anti-slip properties it makes the floor pet friendly, so you can all enjoy the floor, including your Beagle dog named Jasper.

Low maintenance – This type of flooring is the ideal choice for busy homes or workspaces where you don’t have a lot of time to spend on cleaning your floor. To keep the floor looking brand new and fresh, all you have to do is perform a regular sweep or vacuum to remove loose dirt and dust, and a mop wouldn’t go a miss too!

Waterproof – It’s waterproof technology means this type of flooring is ideal for any room in the home with excessive water.

Easy installation – There are currently three types of installation methods available for luxury vinyl flooring, all of which are straightforward. The installation methods do depend on your current flooring situation and your personal preference. We take a look at the installation types further down in this article, so if you require more information for this section, just have a little scroll down.

The Installation Types

  • Glue Down
  • Click
  • Looselay

The glue down installation type is the most traditional technique. With the use of a strong and suitable adhesive, you glue the tiles directly down. This can be quicker than installing other flooring types.

The click vinyl flooring method is argued to be the easiest, and everyone’s favourite, especially for the DIY enthusiasts out there. This particular method is popular in busy environments and all you have to do is click the tiles into place and you’re finished!

Last but not least, the looselay method is ideal for installing over existing floors. It requires no adhesives and allows you to save time and money. Looselay vinyl flooring is made with materials that use friction to effectively grip the floor beneath. Here are some installation tips for vinyl flooring to help!

There are many spectacular luxury vinyl flooring designs suitable for homes of all types, whether you’re looking for a wood, stone, mosaic or marble effect floor, that’s what vinyl flooring was designed floor – it’s all yours to choose from!