Modern living room in summer.

Top ways to keep your home cool during summer

With news that April is going to enjoy what is being described as a “mini heatwave”, it is perhaps time to start preparing the home for hot spells over the coming months.

And with that in mind, here are our top tips for keeping the home cool during the summertime:

Look for long term improvements

From the type of flooring that you have, to the quality of the insulation in your walls, there are various long-term improvements that you can make in the home so that it is more comfortable during the summer months.

Luxury vinyl tiles for instance, have the wonderful advantage of being cool underfoot during the warmer months, while offering all the warmth you need once we’re back into winter.

What’s more, for when we do creep back into October and November, luxury vinyl tiles work wonderfully with underfloor heating systems.

Control the sun

By being able to control the amount of sunlight that enters a room, you can keep the temperature at bay.

This is because no less than 30 per cent of unwanted heat comes from your windows during the summer periods, and during this time, you could also save 7 per cent on bills by utilising shades, curtains and blinds.

If you happen to work on nights, you could also think about purchasing blackout curtains, which could kill two birds with one stone.

According to Consumer Reports, blackout curtains with white plastic backings can reduce heat gain by up to 33 per cent.

Consider the bedroom

There’s nothing worse than not being able to sleep on a night due to the heat.

If you’ve put up the aforementioned curtains and still find yourself tossing and turning, then you should consider lighter bedding.

Think about moving to cotton sheets, which are renowned for their breathability, and perhaps even a buckwheat pillow or two.

Buckwheat pillows are great for hot weather as the interior hulls allow air to circulate throughout the body of the pillow, while also conforming perfectly to your head, neck, and spine.

If the worst comes to the worst, some people even stick their sheets in the freezer for a few minutes before bed. Although it won’t keep you cool all night, doing so does provide a brief respite from the heat and humidity.

It might also be worth thinking about picking up a gel pillow matt, which can help keep your pillows cool for a little bit longer.

Take the fight outside

If you find that your home suffers from the heat every summer, it could be worth taking a look at what you can do on the outside of the house.

Painting your home white for instance, helps to reflect the sun’s heat and will in turn help reduce temperatures on the inside.

In fact, a white roof reflects around 85% of the sunlight that it encounters, and warms only a few degrees higher than outside air temperatures.

Considering a more long-term strategy, you could also look into tactfully planting trees and other greenery around the home.

Vines and other tall shrubs are possible options to consider and will offer instant results, although they’ll definitely require maintenance each year.