Modern man cave with beer.

Top Tips for creating the ultimate “man cave”

Here at Best at Flooring, we work with people enjoying a wide range of makeover and redecoration projects.

From bedrooms through to kitchens, we’ve helped advise people on the best kind of flooring for just about every room of the house.

That said, one of the rooms that we’re seeing people talk about more often is the “man cave.”

A dwelling for boys and their toys, a man cave is often thought of as a retreat where men may do as they please with the décor and purpose of the room.

So, if you or your partner is thinking about kitting out a room in your home purely for play, here are our top tips for creating the ultimate man cave.

Enjoy a theme and embrace gimmicks

Whenever we work with someone that is designing their very own man cave, there is always some sort of theme running through it.

Many people of course, enjoy using their man cave for watching sports, so they like to have jerseys on the wall, and framed pictures of their favourite teams.

On the other hand, others enjoy using their room for computer games and films, so it’s not uncommon to see movie posters, action figures, and elaborate shelves of games and blue-rays.

Whatever theme you choose, a man cave should represent you and your personality, and not be something that you’re not.

Remember to add a little sophistication

While movie posters and large cinema screens are great, there’s also the opportunity to add a little sophistication to your room.

Don’t be afraid to borrow ideas from iconic bars are places from around the world. Across the internet you can find inspiration from some weird and wonderful places.

If you’re struggling to find something a little special for your man cave, you can always find something great on somewhere like Pinterest.

Soundproofing could be important for those parties

Many man caves tend to be featured in garages, basements, and lofts.

With that in mind, its particularly important to ensure that sound doesn’t escape a cave, as they are often treated to large stereo systems and speakers.

There are various ways that you can soundproof a room, including the installation of acoustic wedge panels, using two separate layers of wall, and using a dampening compound as insulation.

It’s also worth knowing that certain types of floor can help relieve noise, including laminate flooring. Here at Best at Flooring, we also stock a wide range of flooring underlays that are specially designed to help reduce sound.

Luvanto’s Sound Barrier underlay for instance, offers 24dB noise reduction.

Although in the very name, it is a “man cave”, such a room should be inclusive of everyone in the house, including partners and children.

Try and incorporate family friendly features and elements that everyone can enjoy, such as a Wii U, a chest of board games, or even a little area for the kids to play in.

If you want, you could even make one of these features the centrepiece of the room, instead of something like a pool table, or miniature bowling alley.

An open seating arrangement can also help invite people into the room, and will also help fill zones of unused space.