How parquet flooring is taking over UK homes once more

Being both beautiful and unique, parquet flooring was once one of the most popular and luxurious kinds of flooring that you could buy for your home.

Once reserved for country homes and mansions, a parquet floor would serve as an advertisement of wealth and added a sense of stature to the family that owned it.

Due to the invention of carpets and vinyl flooring however, parquet flooring suffered a brief lapse in interest in the early 20th century, but now, thanks to advances in manufacturing techniques, the style is coming back into fashion.

What is parquet flooring?

The word parquet derives from Old French and literally means “a small enclosed space”. The floor itself is made up of geometric, almost mosaic pieces of wood that creates beautifully patterned flooring, of which herringbone is the most popular.

Although once upon a time parquet flooring was made solely from solid wood flooring, nowadays there is an increasing amount of demand for parquet flooring made from engineered flooring. Herringbonne is the most popular style of engineered parquet, view our range of engineered herringbone flooring.

If you’re looking for a parquet floor for use in a bathroom then a vinyl parquet floor is a great option as they are waterproof.

Benefits of parquet flooring

As well as being absolutely stunning to look at, the choices around parquet flooring are vast.

Not only is there a choice between the species of wood available, but also in regards to colours, finishes, and of course, the kind of pattern that you prefer.

For those opting for engineered parquet flooring, the good news is that despite the beautiful intricacy for which it is celebrated, it is extremely easy to have fitted.

Although perhaps a couple of centuries ago, parquet flooring would have taken days or even weeks to fit within the typical room, thanks to advances in technology and flooring techniques, a typical parquet floor can be laid in a matter of hours.

Protecting a parquet floor

Like all floors within our store, all our parquet flooring is designed and manufactured by some of the most reputable brands in the industry, using some of the best quality and most durable materials.

What’s more, the vast majority of the parquet floors we have available are finished with some of the most versatile and durable oils and lacquers, giving them that extra layer of protection.

For those worried about the wear and tear of a parquet floor however, the good news is that many styles are highly versatile and they go well with many styles of décor.

This means that high trafficked areas can also enjoy extra protection with rugs and floor runners.

It’s also worth noting however, that oiled parquet flooring might need re-doing every two to three years to nourish the wood and bring back its tones and original characteristics.

If you would like to know more about the parquet flooring that we have instore, and how we can help you choose the best kind of parquet flooring for your home, call us on 0113 344 8186 or check out our contact page.