Décor trends to look forward to in 2023

Here at Best at Flooring, it’s our job to keep an eye on the latest, newest, and upcoming trends, so let’s see what we think is going to be huge in 2023:

Parquet flooring

Statement flooring has always been a big part of stately homes, but in recent months we’ve seen an upsurge in people interested in parquet flooring.

We have a range of beautiful parquet flooring available in wood, laminate and luxury vinyl.

Copper and brass tones

This year has been the year of pastels, and sage and dusty blues, but we expect 2018 to shimmer with copper and brass ornaments and furniture plating.

Such trends were big in recent years, and experts are looking for a resurgence in sleek and lively brass and copper ornaments and art.

70s nostalgia

Every fashion trend tends to take influence from some period or movement, and 1970s décor has never really gone away, although it has faded at times.

We expect groovy textures and warm colours to join the bright yellows mentioned above.

Another big trend in the 70s was of course floral patterns, so expect those to come back with a vengeance on throw pillows and old prints.

Distressed rugs

With 70s décor fashion back in the limelight, so are some of the additional designs and features, including of course rugs.

If you were lucky enough to remember the 70s you’ll know that one of the great many decorative features was overdyed and distressed design.



Growing in popularity throughout the latter months of last year, micro plants and terrariums are back and they’re set to be bigger than ever in 2023.

There are a range of places in and around Leeds that you can buy terrariums and there are even classes and workshops where you can go and build your own with friends.

Millennial pink?

If you’ve paid attention to any part of décor and fashion within the last 12 months, you’ll know that everyone has been discussing what’s known as millennial pink.

Described by The Guardian as “the colour of now”, millennial pink has been adorning homes, workplaces, and public spaces over the last month, but the question on everyone’s lips now is “will it last?”

Décor trends tend to, by their very own definition, fall in and out of popularity within around 12 to 18 months or so.

With that in mind, for those looking for that hipster or millennial sheen in their own home, there might well be a different favourite colour by the summertime.