Bright home office

How to create the perfect home office or study

There’s nothing quite like having your own home office or study. Whether you regularly work from home or are studying for a new qualification, somewhere to call your own, where you can work in comfort and free from distraction, is a delight.

With that in mind, here are our own tips for creating your own personal workspace:

Consider your sense of style from the ground up

From the most traditional study, through to the most modern, choosing the right décor elements for your home office or study is key to its success. When it comes to choosing your floor, we have a great range of options that encompass a wide range of tastes and styles for home studies. Our beautiful range of oak engineered floors help to create a warm and welcoming environment that is perfect for a minimalist study or workspace. On the other hand, our Wood Effect Luxury Vinyl Tiles offer a serious and rich vibrancy that would offer a great deal of character to any study.

Find the light

No one likes working in the dark, and one of the best types of light to help you get down to work is of course natural light. If however, your natural light is particularly limited, there are a few tactics that you can employ to ensure that you make the most of it. By choosing light colours and finishes (or even a mirror), you can help to amplify the light and even bounce it around the room.

You can also reserve darker spaces with meticulously considered artificial lighting.

Declutter and stay positive

There’s nothing worse than working in a messy environment, even though experts say that a messy desk is the sign of a more sociable and extroverted person, decluttering is key for serious study or work. Carefully choose your cabinets, drawers and storage facilities to make sure that you’re providing yourself with an efficient and stress-free environment. While we’re here it’s also worth getting rid of unnecessary distractions such as televisions and any sort of technology that might inhibit you from getting down to work.

Find a routine that works for you

No matter what, you need your study or office to be a place that works, and there’s nothing worse than working in an environment that you don’t enjoy. With that in mind, remember to take regular screen breaks, and if working throughout the day, remember to create the time when you get to leave the room. In fact, some people who work from home recommend going for a walk both before and after work to create the illusion of a commute so that they can break up their work and leisure time.

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