Solid Wood Flooring

Nothing has stood the test of time like solid wood flooring, which has been used for hundreds of years to provide a comfortable and hard-wearing base in residential and commercial settings. Solid wood flooring is a completely natural product which is cut down from one large piece into individual boards. Guaranteed for up to 20 years, our solid wood is incredibly versatile, easy to lay and like a fine wine it gets better with age! Take a look at our ranges of Elka Flooring and Ted Todd Solid Wood Flooring.

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Our range of solid wood is amongst the most extensive in the country, including an array of FSC® certified wood flooring products, which promotes responsible management of the world’s forests. We stock European oak wood blocks for the perfect parquet flooring, a great selection of lacquered, brushed, oiled and UV-oiled oak, along with some more unusual woods such as black American walnut, maple and ash.

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