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All you need to bring a whole room together is the perfect rug. It can set the character and atmosphere you want, whilst creating a wonderful focal point. Making a room more welcoming and comfortable is easy, whether you prefer a classic design or a contemporary style. Oriental Weavers have a wonderful range of colour and patterns to choose from, all in a variety of shapes and sizes, perfect for any room. A high quality rug is ideal to bring a brighter tone to small rooms, or to separate areas in an open plan space or a larger room.

Selecting the right rug size is crucial, just as important as choosing the perfect design and colour palette. Some areas in your home might look better with a round rug, whilst others would benefit from having a large, rectangle rug that can suit the room’s design and furnishings. Brighten up your living space with a light colour, or set a more intimate and cosy tone with a darker rug.

Buy the Right Rug for You

  • Traditional or contemporary – make sure your new rug will fit in your current décor perfectly, and complement your interior design scheme, colour palettes and furniture.
  • Bold patterns – you can mix various patterns in the same room. Large patterns will complement smaller designs, and you can mix and match plaid, abstract, or floral patterns in coordinating colours.
  • Texture brings another dimension – a rug made with looped pile yarns over a smooth hardwood floor adds a new layer to the décor and gives the room more depth
  • Match tones of the same colour – don’t worry about finding the exact shade of one colour to match the pillows with your rug. Your home would look bland if decorated in a monotonous overall tone, so choose varied shades or colours from the same family – red, dusty pink, lilac, for example.
  • Busy homes with higher foot traffic – it’s best if you select rugs with condensed patterns and darker colours.

The Perfect Design For Your Home

Traditional rugs take inspiration from antique European and Oriental designs, with modern colour palettes, simplified patterns, or geometric and linear components. You can also find rugs with floral patterns or beautiful designs inspired by nature.

Contemporary designs feature strong contrasts, whether in colour or in sharp geometric shapes or flowing lines. Bold and eye-catching, these designs make a statement and stand out in any room.

Casual/traditional rugs mix modern and traditional motifs, with a more natural, unrestrained approach. Elegant patterns from the past are combined with large areas of open space, to create rugs that are easier to match with modern furnishings.

Southwest/Tribal – rugs that take inspiration from specific cultures. Here you can find gorgeous rugs with warm earth tones, gold, yellow and red patterns, as well as repeating designs with precise shapes. These rugs are perfect for rooms that are decorated in a specific theme, and they can provide the ideal way to bring an array of elements together, to create a harmonious appearance.