Louis de Poortere

Designer Rugs

Louis de Poortere – tradition and innovation for your home

Starting from the Middle Ages, Flemish textile products have made their mark across Europe. Since 1859, the Louis De Poortere name is synonymous with craftsmanship, tradition, and constant innovation and exploration. From designing carpets with a distinctive and charming Oriental flair, to creating abstract and artistic designs that enchant the viewer at first sight, or vivid rugs with intense colours, the company have made a rug for every taste, budget, and décor scheme.

Whatever your aesthetic and comfort requirements, you can rely on Louis De Poortere to discover the perfect rugs, carpets, stair runners, or border rugs to suit your home perfectly. The modern customer appreciates beauty and style just as much as comfort, value, and durability. That’s why these collections are designed to be accessible, with bold concepts or understated beauty, and to offer the ultimate sophisticated flooring solutions for modern homes.

The advantages of using Pure New Wool

  • It is durable and strong, perfect for heavy traffic areas in your home
  • It can be cleaned easily
  • Naturally flame retardant
  • Ideal for reducing air pollutants
  • Wonderful colour absorption capabilities, for rich, vivid colours
  • Luxurious and long-lasting appearance

Environmentally friendly

  • Renewable, sustainable, biodegradable
  • Low carbon impact
  • Breathable material
  • Reduces allergens

The Vintage Collection

At [email protected] you can find a luxurious and elegant selection of rugs and runners that stand out in any setting. The understated colour tones found in the Vintage Fedra range are a perfect match for neutral furnishings, whilst the bright and bold colours of the Vintage Multi collection will look spectacular in a modern home with eclectic décor. Oriental patterns, complementing colours, wonderful contrasts and intense colours – this collection is a joy to behold.

The Fading World Collection

This range is creative and mesmerising, designed to carry the essence of the extremely popular Vintage collection even further. With an original concept that is glimpsed in its name, the Fading World range uses the current trend of antique and distressed materials, with a stunning effect. The rich but intentionally faded colours of these rugs and runners are embellished with delicate floral and Oriental patterns. Available in grey ebony, scarlet, jade oyster, or midnight blue, these products are beautifully made with a combination of wool and cotton chenille. A wise investment for any property, you can never go wrong with a rug from this range.

The Cameo Collection

With soft and delicate colours that will suit neutral or lightly coloured furnishings beautifully, this collection is elegant and simply gorgeous. Meant to be seen to be appreciated to its full potential, the rugs and runners from this collection are all made with a mix of wool and cotton chenille. The anti-slip resistant surface make these products ideal for busy areas in your home. Choose from the Fedra range, with Persian style patterns, the Savonnerie range, with lovely French cameo designs and floral patterns, or from the Multi range, with contrasting rectangles in different colour tones

The San Lorenzo Collection

A multitude of patterns, designs, and colours, for every style preference. From luxurious and opulent, to modern, rustic, simple, or intricate – there’s something for everyone.