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Jacaranda Rugs

Designer Rugs

Jacaranda Rugs – tradition and innovation for your home

Here at Best@Flooring you can find a wonderful selection of Jacaranda rugs, listed below for your convenience.

The Simla range is made with 100% TENCEL®, cotton backing for more durability, and is available in five standard sizes, from 120cm x 180cm all the way to 250cm x 350cm. The rugs from this collection are not suitable for areas with a lot of foot traffic, like hallways or other busy rooms, and they should be protected from water stains. Simla products can be cleaned only by dry extraction methods. The material will move underfoot, reflecting the light to make the rug look like velvet.

The Velvet Border range is manufactured from 100% natural and un-dyed wool, with a cotton backing and 4 different sizes, with borders that vary between 20cm, 25cm, and 30cm.

The Silken Shaggy range displays the gorgeous textures that made the brand so popular. The rugs have a luxurious feel underfoot, and are perfect for bedrooms or living rooms in equal measure.

The Lustre range is made with a blend of 60% wool and 40% polyester, a cotton backing and it’s available in 4 sizes. Here you can find one of the few dark Jacaranda rugs, the Black Lustre.

Handmade Textures

Jacaranda rugs stand out thanks to their interesting textures, with wonderful irregularities that give them more character. Handmade with care and expertise, these rugs are warm and feel great to the touch, whether they are made with chunky fibres or with smooth surfaces.

Ethical Manufacturing Process

By refusing to mass produce and by manufacturing only handmade products, Jacaranda eliminate the need for electrical machinery. Woven with wooden looms that need a human touch or knotted by hand, their rugs are more eco-friendly than other brands. Using pure wool and un-dyed materials where possible, as well as working only with GoodWeave registered suppliers, the company can offer green and ethical products that bring more peace of mind.

Lovely Colours

Rugs made with natural colours, with subtle hues that go from ivory to cream and caramel brown, can fit in any type of décor, from classic, to contemporary, minimalist or lavish. Timeless and chic, these rugs are also easy to keep impeccable and clean.

Natural Materials

Whether it’s Chinese silk, wool from Tibet or New Zealand, or borders made from cotton, linen, or suede, Jacaranda use only natural, high quality materials.

Pure wool is a wonderful material for rugs, as it has a vast range of practical advantages. Extremely durable and wear resistant, wool also has a natural water stain barrier, and it is naturally flame retardant. Unlike most synthetic yarns, wool is less static – you will have less dust in your home, as well as rugs that inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Viscose is a natural fibre, made from cellulose, and has many similarities with silk, but at a small fraction of the price. These rugs look luxurious, resembling silk velvet, but are less durable than wool. Jacaranda’s Simla rugs are hand-woven from TENCEL®. Spun from cellulose, it is a great alternative to viscose, as it’s more long-lasting and it can be cleaned more easily.