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Modern luxury meets refreshing simplicity in the Calvin Klein ranges, with a wonderful versatility in design, texture, and materials. The colour palette of understated hues and vivid tones are contrasted with innovative patterns, lines, borders, matte or gleaming fibres, to create a truly spectacular range that doesn’t disappoint.

Take a look at these luxurious rugs, available at an affordable price, here at Best@Flooring. Can’t find a specific rug or need help making a purchase? Give us a call to discuss your requirements. Our team of experts will help you every step of the way with reliable and friendly advice. 0844 209 1560.

Keeping Your Calvin Klein Rug in Perfect Condition

  • Vacuum your rugs regularly – this way you can always keep your flooring dust-free and clean, making your rugs look like recently bought.
  • Clip long ends – longer fibres will sometimes reach the surface and stick out after vacuuming. You should never attempt to pull the fibres with your hand, but you should try to carefully clip them off as close to the surface of the rug as possible. It’s the best way to protect your rug’s weave and to keep your flooring looking like new.
  • Clean spills and remove spots immediately. You should never rub a spill, as it can damage the fibres of your new rug. Always blot and pat the surface, to prevent yarns from fraying. Most stains can be easily and quickly removed using just soap and water. If you want to ensure your rug will not be damaged by cleaning solutions, clean a hidden area first to test the cleaning method.
  • Clean your rugs professionally – in order to remove accumulated dirt and grime from underneath the surface, you should periodically deep clean your rugs and carpets. Not only will your rugs look like new, but you can also extend the life of your flooring products and a guarantee a cleaner air in your home.
  • Periodically rotate your rugs – you can minimise the effects of regular foot traffic to create even wear across the rug’s surface. Make sure rugs placed in a heavy traffic areas in your home are rotated more often, for best results.

Calvin Klein Home Collections

Luster Wash Collection

The Luster Wash Rugs are manufactured from 100% New Zealand Pure Wool, to offer more durability and wear resistance. Handmade in India, the rugs display mesmerising colour changes in tone, resembling a modern painting or the surface of a distant planet. The thickness and the soft finish guarantee more warmth and a luxurious feel underfoot. You can choose from four different sizes, for the one that suits your home perfectly.

Vale Rugs Collection

The Vale Rugs collection is made with a combination of wool and viscose details, in a stripe pattern that is both elegant and sophisticated. Ideal for anyone looking to add refinement to their current décor, these rugs are also perfect for a vast range of existing colour schemes. Made to the high standard of quality you would expect from Calvin Klein, these products are as stylish as they are durable.