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0815 Azur

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A spectacular take on modern rug design, this addition to the Vintage Multi-range from Louis De Poortere makes a lasting impression. 0815 Azur features a stunning colour palette with blue tones alongside beige and brown accents, accentuating the mesmerising patchwork design. Completed with an aged finish, the rug perfectly combines traditional beauty and modern charm. Made with a mix of wool and cotton chenille, the rug is durable and comfortable underfoot. You can choose from the convenient eight different sizes to find the perfect one that will suit any room in your home and your budget.

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Louis de Poortere


The Vintage Collection




Mosaic Effect



Available Sizes

140cm x 200cm, 170cm x 240cm, 200cm x 280cm, 230cm x 230cm, 280cm x 360cm, 60cm x 90cm, 80cm x 150cm

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