What Underlay Is Best For My Floor?

What Underlay Is Best For My Floor?

When you buy new flooring you need to ensure you have either found the right underlay for you or know which underlay is best for you. We are going to help you make the best decision by educating you on the underlay so you can make the best decision.

3mm comfort underlay is the basic underlay that works fairly averagely and keeps the warranty in check, this is good for people who are building a property and need to stick to a budget or anyone who is preparing to rent the house and needs to do it at a cheap price. This underlay is perfect for wood and laminate use.

There are three other varieties of this underlay which are 3mm comfort plus and 3mm silver and 5mm gold underlay the comfort underlay adds a little bit of extra cushioning whereas the silver and gold retain the heat but this underlay isn’t compatible with under floor heating.

If you are looking for the perfect underlay for your carpet the 9mm Cloud 9 Cirrus is a very thick comfortable underlay, its fitted with Textron which allows the pressure to be distributed evenly across the floor, which ensures your carpet stays looking fresher for longer. This underlay also stops track marks, which is where the underlay has been flattened and doesn’t spring back.


If you have bought a Kahrs product we recommend using the Tuplex underlay which is made by Kahrs this underlay is compatible with wood and laminate flooring which has a built in DPM (Damp proof membrane) which provides a moisture barrier and is also perfect for under floor heating.

If you are looking for a underlay which works well in high traffic areas or in commercial areas we would recommend System 10 underlay as its Crum rubber material and holds well against the test of time and distributes pressure perfectly this underlay is also wheel chair friendly as the wheels can put high pressure in specific areas but the rubber combats this with ease.

Fibreboard underlay is a great underlay if you know your sub-floor is uneven as its thick enough to create an even surface to fit either your laminate or wood floor on top of. There are loads of other benefits of using the fibreboard such as this underlay insulates perfectly which saves you money with keeping the house warm which is essential with the British winters. Although Fibreboard isn’t as spongy as other underlays it does perfectly at suppressing sound.

Xtrafloor is an underlay that requires no adhesive; it allows you to fit flooring quickly and effortlessly the added benefit of this is it allows you to lay it on a sub floor that has slight irregularities with ease.

There are many other underlays available but we thought we’d find the ones that are most popular and appeal to the majority, but if you need help sourcing the right underlay for you and you don’t like the ones we discussed just contact us we would be happy to help.

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