Hardwood flooring in a living room

Which Type of Wood Flooring is Right for You?

When it comes to choosing a hardwood floor, you’ll find there are quite a few different types available. Each has its own pros and cons so it’s important to take these into account before making a decision. Below you’ll discover more about the different types of wood flooring on offer in order to help you make the wisest purchase.

Oak, Walnut and Maple – What’s the difference?

Generally speaking, oak floors do tend to be the most popular choice. They produce a more unfinished look, with a rich, grain pattern embedded into the surface. It’s a traditional looking floor that’s known for its outstanding durability and beautiful character. As it is more popular, you’ll find oak flooring easy to find, though it does tend to be a little more expensive than other wood varieties.

Walnut flooring isn’t quite as durable as oak because it’s slightly softer, so it should ideally be used in areas with light foot traffic. However, while it is less durable, it is still capable of lasting many years in light traffic areas. It’s also exceptionally beautiful to look at.

Unlike oak, walnut has a deep, dark tone that really grabs your attention. It’s sure to become a focal point in whichever room you install it. Maple wooden floors are the lightest in colour, offering a chic blondish tint. They also feature a less ‘grainy’ design, offering a smoother texture for an elegant finish.

Maple is one of the toughest woods out there and in some cases can be tougher and more durable than oak. It offers a more contemporary design, making engineered maple flooring a popular choice in modern homes and businesses.

Are there any other wood floor types available?

While oak, maple and walnut tend to be the most common wooden floors sold in the UK, there are a few other varieties available. Cherry wood is a classic option which has been used for centuries to create high-quality floors and furniture. It features dark tones with a reddish tint and benefits from a soft, yet extremely durable construction. It’s a little harder to find than other wooden flooring, but it’s great for those looking for a more classic look.

Finally, ash wood is another option, offering light coloured, very natural shades. It’s guaranteed to go with any existing décor and it can really help to open up a room, giving it a more spacious appearance. It’s a resilient type of wood, but it is less common than other varieties, making it more difficult to find.

How to choose the best wooden floor for your home

So now you know a little more about the different types of wood on offer and the benefits they provide, how do you choose the best one for your home? It helps to ask yourself the following questions:

• Which room will I be installing the floor in?

• How much foot traffic will the floor succumb to?

• What look am I going for?

• How much maintenance am I willing to do?

Each of the above questions will help you to determine which wooden floor is right for you. For example, if you’re looking for an elegant new floor for your bedroom, walnut would be an excellent choice. If you’re looking for a floor that’s easy to maintain, oak may be the best option. So think about your flooring needs and preferences and that will help you to determine which floor to invest in.

Overall there are a lot of wooden floors out there. By understanding each of the different types available, it helps you to make a much wiser decision about which type is right for your chosen room.