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All you need to know about V4 Wood Flooring

Here at Best at Flooring, we’re proud to work with only the best and most dedicated flooring brands in the industry.

With quality and customer care at the heart of everything we do, we’re proud to be able to maintain a great standard for each of our customers.

One  flooring brand that follows the exact same philosophy is V4 Wood Flooring, one of our newest offerings.

Providing everything from UV oiled, hardwax oiled, and lacquered engineered hardwood flooring, the company has nine decades of experience in providing premium quality flooring for homes around the country.

A wide range of options

Much like all our flooring brands, V4 Wood Flooring offers a wide range of beautiful flooring options, featuring a blend of finishes and colours, and you can even select between extra wide or narrow planks.

Whether your home is beautifully traditional or magnificently modern, V4 Wood Flooring creates and designs high quality flooring that is suited to any kind of décor.

From the Alpine Collection, right through to the Vittoria Collection, take a look through V4’s entire catalogue so that you can find the perfect engineered wood flooring for your home.


Although the company was established in 2002, the story of V4 Wood Flooring goes back to the 1930s, when the founding brothers’ grandfather, James Vincet, began working as a floor fitter in Essex – supplying parquet and wood block floors throughout the UK (including in the home of boxing legend, Freddie Mills).

Helping to grow the business from one man and his van over a period of eight years, James was soon offered 50 per cent of the business and soon set up his own shop located in Addlestone in 1950.

As the years rolled on, more and more family members joined James in the shop, including Chris and Nathan Vincent — future founding members of V4 Wood Flooring.

Establishing the company in 2002 with the hopes of creating their own quality hardwood flooring, the brothers quickly established a base of operations and is now one of the UK’s leading flooring suppliers.

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V4 Flooring cares about the environment

With quality and care at the heart of the company, all flooring is manufactured in FSC® and PEFC® certified factories from around the world and this means that all the wood is responsibly and ethically sourced from well managed forests.

Using wood from only farmed forests, it means that any wood manufactured and sold by V4 Wood Flooring is taken from mature trees that are selected for harvest.

For each tree that is felled, several saplings are planted for the next generation of trees to grow.

The company also uses eco-packaging that cuts down on printing resources and uses recycled and un-bleached cardboard specially made for recycling purposes.

Product Guarantee

As the standard of quality is so high, domestic floors that are supplied, fitted, and maintained correctly in accordance with the company’s fitting and maintenance guide directives should provide 35 years of life to any of its engineered floors.

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