Terrace patio with chairs, a table and fairy lights

Interior Design Tips for your Outdoor Space

Summer is here and if you’re lucky enough to have a patio, terrace or balcony, you will be itching to get out there! Read on for our top interior design tips for making the most of your outdoor space.

Spring Clean

The terrace may be looking a bit worse for wear after being left unused for a while. Give it a little bit of TLC by sweeping the floor and giving any outdoor furniture a wipe down. This will give the space an instant refresh!

Experiment with Furniture

Most outdoor spaces tend to include a table and chair set – this is perfect for spending time sat out on the balcony with a drink or enjoying a leisurely breakfast. However, if you have the space, it can be fun to experiment with different furniture such as a hammock or an outdoor heater so you can spend more time outside!

An outdoor space wouldn’t be complete without some plants! Embrace the current trend for ‘Greenery’ and add large pots and hanging baskets to your balcony or patio. Ferns and Clematis are ideal for these areas as they use up vertical space well.

Michelle Lee from Michelle Lee Designs gave us her thoughts on adding plants…

“introduce vibrant, colourful pots featuring trailing flowers and flower boxes made out of recycled pallets. Herb gardens create a delightful culinary addition to the space”.

We love the idea of growing a herb garden on your balcony – stylish and functional!

Add Some Texture

We spoke to Ray Wheeler from The Paint Manager about using texture in your outdoor space…

“With terraces especially, texture elevates the allure of guests wanting to spend time out there. A concrete slab is not too appealing nor is it inviting for a dinner party.  however, crafting a small wooden patio type elevation for your terrace can create literally a new level for your dining table to sit on. It is also my suggestion to add texture in forms on accessories. Consider having long benches instead of chairs at your dining table. This allows you to line the bench with eclectic blankets or pillows made of different fabrics.”

This also raises a great point about soft furnishings and fabrics. Make your guests comfortable by adding throws and cushions.

Consider Lighting

Balconies and terraces are perfect for spending time on late into the night, so don’t let the sunset chase you back inside. Add some atmospheric lighting with fairy lights and candles. Perfect for creating some ambience!

We hope this has inspired you to get back out on your balcony this summer. Do you have any tips for making the most of an outdoor space? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!