How to infuse colour into a hallway?

Here at Best at Flooring, we simply love getting creative with colour. From the cellar to the rafters, there’s nothing better than helping our customers on their journey into creating the most beautiful homes. There are some areas that tend to get overlooked, however, such as the hallways. Although it is easier to focus on living rooms and kitchens — love, care, and attention still needs to be paid to other areas of the house.

With that in mind, here are our tips for infusing colour into an easily forgotten area of the home. As hallways, especially those at the entrance of the home, are mostly near windows, here is the perfect time to let in some of that natural light. In fact, letting natural light into your home is a healthy choice for when it comes to décor. It can help boost vitamins B and D as well as help with complexion and the maintenance of sleep cycles.

Get creative with narrow hallways

For those that have narrow hallways, things can get a little tricky, but that’s nothing to worry about, as with a little creativity, even the most difficult spaces can be looked after. As ever, mirrors can be your best friend for giving an alternative impression on shapes and sizes. By for example, placing a mirror at the end of the hallway (if possible), you can give the impression of an extended hallway and it might even help reflect some of that natural light. It goes without saying that most of a person’s attention within a hallway will be drawn towards the end, so adding some artwork or graphic pattern will not go amiss. You could even paint some kind of ceiling pattern that works as a runner should be enough to draw a person’s eyes towards the end of the room, rather than at the sides.

Golden colours for a warm welcome

If you’re looking to decorate the hallway where the front door is situated, there’s nothing better than warm, inviting colours that put both you and guests at ease. We have a range of wonderful engineered flooring options for hallways that perfectly compliment bright décor. What’s more, we have a bright selection of laminate flooring options that also work beautifully with bright colours.  Feist your eyes on a plethora of golden warm coloured vinyl flooring and start transforming your abode one step at a time.

Clever storage to fill dark spaces

Not everyone can keep a wizard under their stairs, but it is important that these spaces are thought about and used to the best of their potential. Smart storage has always been a topic of conversation for homeowners with particularly tiny houses, and it’s also a great way of getting rid of those shadowy nooks and crannies. Even a homemade shoe rack or a piece of art is enough to keep attention away from awkward spaces.