How to match rustic décor with your floor

There’s no doubt that rustic décor is one of the most popular styles in the country at the moment.

Whether out in the country or in the heart of a city, we work with people looking to incorporate new flooring with gorgeous rustic sensibilities.

If you’re looking to match your love for the rustic look with a new floor, check out our top tips below:

Embrace natural materials

There’s no doubt that a home that enjoys rustic décor is also one that embraces the natural world.

Making it both adorable and homely, furniture and decorations made from natural materials such as wood and stone play major roles in rustic décor.

Oak and pine often take the lead for items such as cupboards, bookshelves, and coffee tables.

The natural motif also opens up the opportunity to embrace wood flooring, and at Best at Flooring, we have a wide range of engineered wood floors that truly embrace rustic style and sensibilities.

Go with tradition

At the core of rustic sensibility is of course tradition, where handcrafted, timeworn, and homespun materials and objects are held in high regard.

You can find precious ornaments, heirlooms and folk projects at flea markets, vintage fairs, and on online stores such as Etsy.

On the other hand, if you fancy having a go at creating a little shabby chic furniture yourself, you can have a go at distressing your own furniture with a little sandpaper, prime, paint, and polyurethane.

This article gives a pretty great rundown of how to distress furniture on a step by step basis.

If you’re going for furniture that is light in colour, you might want to choose a floor that is darker so that the shades naturally complement one another.

Too many dark objects in a room might feel a little oppressive, while too many light shades could make the room feel a little airy.

But search for something new

While rustic styles and trends embrace the old, it certainly is the fashion to put a twist on what is new and exciting.

For instance, brass lights with Edison bulbs have taken the interior decoration world by storm of late, and can be seen brightening homes across the land.

With this in mind, you can apply the same philosophy to your choice of flooring.

Although more traditional flooring options are chosen for homes with rustic interiors, some of our more modern styles offer homeowners the perfect opportunity to blend both traditional and modern approaches.