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How flooring can make your house a home

Day-to-day you probably don’t pay it much attention. You’re busy getting ready for work, cooking dinner, taking care of the growing list of household chores and the list goes on. But all that dashing about is done on your floors; often overlooked but when done right, subtly setting the tone for every room in your house.

That tone, style, character, whatever you want to call it, is what turns a house into a home. So when it comes to choosing new flooring for your bedroom or bathroom, kitchen or hallway, it’s worth taking the time to make the right choice. And with Amtico flooring, there is ample choice to be had.

Here are just a few examples of how Amtico luxury vinyl flooring can make a world of difference to any room.

A warm welcome

As soon as you step through the door, it’s your hallway that greets you and with Amtico flooring you can turn a drab stretch of corridor into a stylish space by using inviting borders to frame your entranceway, available in a variety of sizes and colours, from American Oak to Stria Basalt.

Hearth and home

Today the ‘hearth’ in ‘hearth and home’ more often than not refers to the kitchen, where meals are made, where the kids tramp in from school searching for snacks, where the dog runs around in circles and where guests mill about with wine glasses in hand filled to the brim. All opportunities for scuffs and stains to ruin your floors. But not with Amtico flooring, luxury vinyl that is spill and splash resistant, durable and easy to clean with a quick sweep and mop.

Living in style

The living room is arguably the one room in a home where personal style is most on display, with travel trinkets on the mantle and framed pictures on the walls. Amtico flooring can add to the ambience with a range of styles to suit a range of personalities, from the quirky contemporary twist on classic Victorian styles offered in the Amtico Décor range to the rustic look and feel of textured, handcrafted wood effect planks or tiles.

Your flooring can be as unique as you when you choose Amtico flooring wih borders, motifs and strips adding to a comprehensive collection of wood, stone and abstract designs. And that isn’t all. You also get to choose a laying pattern that works for your space, Castel weave, parquet, herringbone, keystone and more.

Transform your house into a home with Amtico flooring, discover your style here.