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Why Choose Grey flooring?

It’s no secret that grey flooring and neutral colour schemes have been popular in interior design for years now. The combination of greys, creams and whites allows for all sorts of décor schemes with a variety of colours from blue, to green to pink! That’s why they won’t go out of style for years.  So, if you’re looking for a versatile yet classic floor that will help create the foundations for the rest of your interior design journey, then grey flooring might be the choice for you!

Is Grey Flooring a good idea?

Grey flooring is often considered to be the most versatile colour of flooring for several reasons.

It reflects light for a brighter room

Is your room a bit too dark? Well, with grey flooring you can create a lighter space because; grey comes in so many different hues and is very versatile with any room design or décor. With grey flooring, you can set the tone!

It doesn’t show dirt

Another benefit of grey flooring is that it’s much harder to see dust and dirt than with other neutral floorings like white and black. This makes it child- and pet-friendly flooring option, perfect for houses with high foot traffic.

It goes with any colour scheme

As mentioned before, grey is a neutral colour, so is perfect for neutral home décor when combined with light furniture. However, it can pair nicely with any colour on the colour wheel. So, if you want a vibrant home, grey flooring could work well for you as well. This means you can choose to take your décor in a different direction later on without risking it clashing with your flooring.

Types of grey flooring

Here’s the fun part, let’s talk about all the different options to look at when it comes to choosing your grey flooring!

Grey Laminate Flooring

Grey laminate flooring is an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable, yet stylish flooring option, it is perfect for living rooms and bedrooms, and some water-resistant brands like Kronotex are suitable for rooms like bathrooms and kitchens with care. The realistic wood effect gives you plenty of design options. If you’re looking for something more classic, Herringbone could be the perfect classic solution for you, while a plank could help give your home that modern feel. We stock excellent brands including Quick-Step, Kronotex and Classen.

Grey Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl or LVT has become an extremely popular flooring option in the last few years because of its durability. Because it’s waterproof, it is perfect for bathrooms. You can achieve a realistic stone tile or wood effect with grey LVT flooring, whilst still not breaking the bank. We offer a range of products from brands like Karndean and Quick Step so there are plenty of options to choose from.  View our full range of grey Karndean flooring.

Grey Carpet Tiles

Grey carpet tiles enable you to be creative with your design. Perfect for spaces like living rooms, carpet tiles are easy to install, versatile and also easy to replace. Can’t decide if you want light grey or dark grey? Why not use both and create a modern checkerboard effect?

So, if you’re looking for an adaptable colour of flooring that looks good in any shade type or style, then consider going for grey flooring. Have a browse through our range of products, order some samples or give us a call to learn more!

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