Floor styles to think about for different kinds of homes

Helping people up and down the UK, living in both cities and the remotest parts of the countryside, we’re some of the most knowledgeable experts in the flooring industry, and we can help you decide on the best floor for your home.

Whether you live in the hustle and bustle of the city, or reside in a quaint countryside hamlet, here are some of the most popular flooring choices for different kinds of properties:

City apartments

Whether we’re helping someone choose a floor for their apartment in Leeds, London, Birmingham, or Glasgow, probably one of the most popular kinds of flooring that we work with in city apartments is engineered wood flooring.

Versatile and flexible enough to be laid in living rooms, kitchens, hallways, and bedrooms, engineered flooring is a modern type of flooring that perfectly compliments the fresh and busy environments of city flats.

From Kahrs, right through to Quick-step and V4 Wood Flooring we supply a wonderful and broad range of engineered wood flooring that is designed to suit a range of décor styles and tastes.

Country homes and cottages

Russia Moscow - Modern interior design living room, urban real estate.

Having worked with a variety of people looking for flooring for their home in the country, we know that people just love the rustic and natural feel of wood underneath their feet.

Although very many people often opt for engineered wood for a cottage or countryside escape, we often find that people also enjoy solid wood flooring in their homes.

Including lacquered, brushed, oiled, and UV-oiled oak, we have a grand selection of European oaks and prestigious American walnut, maple, and ash flooring products.

Perhaps more of a style than a type of flooring, we also find a lot of people with country homes enjoying beautiful parquet flooring.

Available both in solid and engineered wood flooring ranges, parquet flooring was once a symbol used to advertise wealth and prestige.

Family homes

We absolutely love working with families looking for new flooring options for their homes.

While different families select a range of different types of flooring , there is no real standout leader.

In kitchens and bathrooms however, we find that luxury vinyl tiles are among the most popular flooring types for these rooms.

Able to offer a splash of elegance, luxury vinyl tiles are also able to withstand large scrapes and bangs, making them perfect for high traffic areas.

What’s more, they’re extremely resistant to water and changes in temperature and humidity, which is why more and more families are choosing luxury vinyl tiles for their homes.

If you’re thinking about changing the floor in your home, and haven’t quite decided on what type is best suited to your property, give us a call on 0113 882 3973 to see if we can help advise.