Sleek modern kitchen with large marble island

Choosing the best kitchen flooring for you and your home

Getting the right flooring for your kitchen is no easy job and taking into account both the practical and visual aspects of a room is important.

With this in mind, choosing the right material therefore, is key to both a happy floor and a happy home.

So, here are options to consider for the best kitchen flooring:

Luxury vinyl tiles

When you buy luxury vinyl tiles for your kitchen, you’re buying one of the best flooring products for your home at a very reasonable price.

What’s more, whether you choose your tiles from brands such as Polyflor or Karndean, there is a huge choice of designs that can replicate a range of surfaces.

Including wood and stone, and mosaics and metallics, there are a range of design options available throughout our store.

While being budget friendly, luxury vinyl tiles are also easy to clean and are water resistant. Also, if a part of the floor becomes damaged, you may only need replace the affected area.

The floors also offer a very high performance for the home, and can last for up to 30 years if properly looked after.

Laminate flooring

Also great for those working on a budget, here at Best at Flooring, our laminate floors are from the best quality brands in the UK, which is crucial when you’re looking to buy laminate flooring.

Both tough and resistant to wear and tear, you can also buy a range of stunning designs, including slate and ceramic effects — all of which are scratch resistant thanks to a transparent wear layer.

Whatever style you choose, its good to know that all laminate flooring products are both low maintenance and moisture resistant, meaning that they can be the perfect flooring option for your kitchen.

Engineered wood

Typically, the most popular choice for kitchens, many people are buying and enjoying engineered wood flooring so that they can appreciate the look and feel of real wood.

Perfectly flat when laid, engineered boards are resistant to expansion and contraction and can work wonderfully well with underfloor heating.

What’s more, as the veneer is quite thick on many boards, so if you fancy a little change, there’s always the possibility that you can sanded them down to refresh them.

Keeping up with trends

Whatever style or type of flooring that you buy, it’s always nice to keep up with trends so you know that your kitchen will stay in fashion for years to come.

There are a range of timeless styles and designs to look out for throughout a kitchen, especially the floor.

Throughout the years we’ve found various flooring options and designs that have never really gone out of fashion, including herringbone and parquet designs, and of course, engineered oak flooring.