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25mm Round Self Adhesive MG0025

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Product Description

MagiGLIDE Furniture and Appliance gilders have a unique performance capabilities, with smooth, silent & easy movement of heavy items, up to 600kg with the added comfort of complete floor protection. When selecting which is the right glider for you, always ensure that the glider is the same size or smaller than furniture/appliance foot. When fitting always ensure that the surface of the foot is clean (free from grease and dirt) and dry before applying self adhesive pad.

The 25mm Round Self Adhesive gliders are a great way to transform moving heavy furniture into an easy and stress-free task. These convenient gliders will help reduce the strain of moving items of up to 600 kg and will protect your floors from scratches. Measuring 25mm in diameter, the protectors will suit a wide range of furniture. Make sure that the size is perfect or even a bit smaller than the surface of the foot of the appliance or furniture you want to move. These gliders are ideal for protecting solid wood or laminate floors, ceramic or vinyl tiles, carpet or marble, maintaining the beauty of your flooring intact.

Product Specification

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Hard Floor Protectors

Accessory Type

Furniture Gliders

Available Sizes

25mm Round

Installation Method

Self Adhesive

Pack Size

8 pieces

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