Give your home a stylish and reasonably priced makeover with laminate flooring from Balterio. The click express installation means you can quickly and easily install these laminate floors in a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or even in a commercial space. With a 25 year heavy domestic and 12 year general commercial use warranty, these floors are not only a great investment, but they are also the perfect way to make your property look chic and elegant on a more affordable budget. Take a look at the ranges such as Tradition Elegant that we have in stock here at BestatFlooring and select the perfect product to suit your home’s décor.

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Protect your Investment – Take Care of your Balterio Laminate Floors

  • You can easily minimise contact with dirt, grit, dust, and substances such as oil by placing rugs or vinyl-back doormats at the entrance of your home or in front of the patio door.
  • Limit the wear and the impact of heavy objects by using floor protectors and furniture legs or wheels to keep your laminate floors looking their best over time.
  • By keeping a relatively constant indoor air humidity, between 40% and 60%, you can minimise the natural expansion and contraction of your flooring.
  • Keep your floors safe from sharp objects – if you have chairs with wheels, make sure they are made of soft rubber, or use floor protectors.
  • You won’t have to sand, varnish, polish or wax your laminate floors – they are made to be extremely durable, hard-wearing, and to look their best even in heavy traffic areas for a long time.
  • Balterio laminate floors have a hard, closed surface – you only have to clean them with a damp mop when needed, to avoid damaging your floor. For regular, daily cleaning, you should use a dry microfibre cloth, perfect for removing even the smallest dust particles from the grooves. You can also vacuum your laminate floors if you use a parquet brush.
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