Quick-Step Parquet

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Quick Step Parquet

Infuse your home with the warmth and elegance only a high quality, beautiful wood floor can bring. Quick-Step engineered wood floors are built with three layers of solid wood, and protected with a durable finish. By carefully selecting only premium raw materials and using high precision techniques and perfect moisture control during the manufacturing stage, these floors provide excellent stability and durability.

Research, Innovation & Passion

Quick Steps on-going research, innovation and passion, along with their strong focus on quality, have made them one of the strongest players in the flooring industry. The Quick Step brand has evolved rapidly from being an affordable alternative to wood, to becoming a category in its own right. Quick Step bring a wide variety of design floors, which are swift and simple to install and maintain.

Engineered Wood Flooring Ranges


The Quick-Step Parquet Palazzo collection presents natural wood in all its splendour. Made with elegant long and wide planks that will add more depth to any room, bringing a more comfortable look and feel to your home. The floors from this range come with pre-applied seven layers of quality varnish.


The Imperio collection is made with opulence and style, with an emphasis on authenticity and craftsmanship. The longer and wider planks can make any room seem more spacious and luxurious at the same time.


Unique, elegant and full of character, the Quick-Step Variano range is perfect for properties with an antique décor. The engineered wood floors from the range display the look of reclaimed wood, with large knots, saw marks and lovely colour variations.


Quick-Step Castello planks are available in a variety of colours, types of wood and finishes, giving you an amazing range of products to choose from. The subtle V-groove on the longest edge of each plank will help transform any room instantly, giving the illusion of depth. All the floors from this range come with a pre-applied finish, so you can use them immediately.


Compatible with underfloor heating, the floors from the Quick-Step Parquet Compact range display the organic beauty of solid wood. Made with a HDF core and a total thickness of 12,5 mm, these floors are ideal for property makeover projects that require a premium quality product with a more subdued colour tone.


Beautiful colour tones and harmonious grain patterns make the Quick-Step Villa range perfect for any type of interior. Made with a 3-ply construction, these floors offer extra stability and durability, alongside an extremely easy to use installation method.

Quick-Step Parquet floors - State-Of-The-Art Construction

1. A Finishing Layer

Your new Parquet floor will have one of the two finishes listed below:

  • Seven layers of UV-cured water based lacquer – ideal for protecting the wear layer from scratches, stains and wear, it also makes cleaning and maintenance easier
  • Two layers of quality modified oil – brings a matt and natural look to the floor, ensuring it will age like fine wine

2. A Face Layer

The majority of Quick-Step engineered wood floors have a face layer of 3 mm, and the ‘Compact’ range is made with planks that have a 2.5 mm face layer. This solid wood layer is available in various colour tones and grain patterns, and it can be re-sanded to revive your floor.

3. A Core Layer

Manufactured from Hevea, spruce, or HDF, this core layer makes the floor stable, absorbing the stress of day-to-day living and busy households.

4. A Veneer Backing

Added to keep your floor from warping, this layer is usually made from spruce or pine.