Kahrs Flooring

Engineered Wood

Kahrs Flooring - The choice is yours

Discover the vast range of premium quality, stunningly gorgeous and award-winning kahrs engineered wood flooring . Here at BestatFlooring we are proud to offer collections from a company that constantly improves, innovates and enhances engineered wood flooring products, bringing a touch of natural beauty to homes and businesses across the world.

You can select the perfect thickness for domestic or commercial installations, the right finish to match your property’s requirements and the refinement techniques to create a unique look in your home.

The advantages of Kahrs

Premium quality – from construction to the last finishing touches

All Kährs products are based on the company’s patented engineered flooring multi-layer construction, with crossed layers of fibres that offer not only extra stability, but also more durability. The floors are protected from humidity and varying temperatures, ensuring a longer life for your engineered wood flooring.

Fast & easy to install

Kährs first launched the innovative Woodloc® system in 2000, pushing the boundaries of the flooring industry and leading the way towards a simpler and faster installation method. With the new, improved Woodloc® 5S system, anyone can install the engineered wood floors quickly and efficiently.

Maintaining your floors

Kährs Engineered wood floors are easy to keep clean, spotless and beautiful. With regular maintenance, your floor will keep its beauty for many more years to come.

Kährs Original Collection

The Kährs Original range is vast and eclectic, created using the company’s patented parquet technology. Created with a 3.5 mm thick surface layer, every Kährs Original floor can be sanded up to three times, making this range ideal for a wide range of properties, from homes and smaller offices, to commercial and larger retail spaces.

Kährs Spirit Collection

Kährs Spirit range has been designed primarily with the environment in mind, taking advantage of the latest technologies and innovations. Available in various tones and wood species, to suit any taste and style. The gorgeous Unity Collection has a range of smooth and lacquered floors that have been brushed and stained from light to dark, ideal for busy, urban homes.

Kährs Capital Collection

The exclusive Capital Collection features longer and wider 1-strip oak boards, with a clean grade. Made from the highest quality oak, the floors are available in a lacquer or matt lacquer finish.

Kährs Linnea Collection

Kährs Linnea is a wood veneer floor, created for use in domestic applications. The Living collection is durable as wells as easy to install and to maintain, and with a thickness of 7mm is perfect for all those areas where a thicker floor may be more difficult to install.

Kährs Avanti Collection

Kährs Avanti is a basic range that doesn’t compromise on quality or durability.  Made with some of the most popular wood species and gradings in lacquered, matt lacquered and oiled flooring, perfect for a vast range of applications. The floors from this range can be sanded 2-3 times during their lifetime.