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Vibrant colours in an array of modern designs

Well-known wallpaper and rug brand Harlequin creates striking designs that stand out in any interior. Their rugs make a lasting impression, whether they’re brought into an eclectic décor or a minimalist living space. Intense colours, muted tones, simple or complex patterns, as well as versatile stripes or classic floral designs – you can find all of these things in the Harlequin Rug collections. Ideal for classic interiors and contemporary living spaces with a neutral décor, these rugs will add vibrancy, style, and texture to any room.

Browse through the collections we carry to discover the ideal rug design for your home. They’re the perfect choice if you want to add a refined finishing touch to a room’s interior design scheme or if you need an eye-catching rug to create a focal point.


A floral rug can make a room look chic instantly. This collection of rugs made by Harlequin enhances the classic floral theme with bold designs that look at home in classic and modern interiors alike. These hand-tufted rugs are made from 100% wool, so you can relax knowing that your new rug will enhance the appearance of your home for many years to come. The premium quality wool allows the rugs to be used in areas with heavier foot traffic, making them a perfect choice for living rooms. Choose from the designs that feature oversized blooms in gorgeous colours or select a contemporary rug with a stylised floral pattern.


Versatile, elegant, and timeless, Stripe rugs look good virtually anywhere. You can easily use them in a traditional décor to add a bit of contemporary style to classic furnishings, or in a modern interior to make a room look chic and welcoming. The Harlequin Striped rugs boast natural colours and slightly muted hues that bring a refined accent to any living space. Their multi-colour palette also helps to blend the rug into a wider range of existing design schemes, as they easily complement various interiors and colours. Made of 100% wool, these hand-tufted rugs are as durable and resilient as they are beautiful.


Perfect for modern interiors, abstract rugs create focal points effortlessly thanks to their eye-catching patterns and beautiful colours. The Harlequin range of geometric and abstract rugs displays an array of colours that range from pink to muted green, from purple to cream, or from pastel to muted hues. Like the products from the other Harlequin collections, these rugs are made of 100% wool and they’re expertly hand-tufted. They’re also soft and comfortable underfoot. Discover the one that will blend into your home perfectly by browsing through the rugs we have in stock.

Contemporary designs

Whether they recreate the beauty of a garden in bloom or provide a creative take on classic geometric designs, Harlequin rugs bring a modern and sophisticated accent to living spaces. A great solution to transform the way a room looks and feels, these rugs come in various sizes, to suit any living space, preference, and budget.