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Established in 2009, Bluebellgray has quickly transformed into one of the most creative home décor brands in Scotland and the UK. The Glasgow-based company anchors the designs in fine art, producing beautiful rugs, cushions, curtains, and more. Every rug is first hand-painted in the brand’s studio before it is transposed onto premium quality cotton and linen materials, using state-of-the-art technology. As a result, the rugs made by Bluebellgray go beyond their status as home décor accessories and become works of art. Perfect for those who appreciate the quality and character of creative designer rugs, these products brighten up any interior, from classic to modern.

The brand’s collections include Digital Printed Rugs, Hand-Tufted Rugs, and Moroccan Rugs. All of them create focal points in living spaces with their elegant and fresh design. You can choose between floral or geometric rugs, as well as from simple, watercolour-style designs or intricate patterns.

Digital Printed Rugs

The digitally printed rugs from this collection are inspired by the watercolour paintings of Bluebellgray’s founder Fi Douglas. Featuring beautiful floral patterns, intricate designs, and vibrant brush strokes reproduced in great detail, these products will make any room look more eye-catching and stylish. Choose from abstract or more traditional flower designs to instantly transform a room’s décor. Printed on 100% new wool, these rugs are premium quality and made to last. They’re a perfect choice to bring a striking décor accent that doubles as an oversized artwork into your home. The rugs from the Digital Printed collection come in large and extra large sizes that suit both smaller and larger rooms.

Hand-Tufted Rugs

You can find both abstract designs and mesmerising floral patterns in the beautiful Hand-Tufted Rugs collection made by Bluebellgray. Taking inspiration from faraway lands, traditional crafts, and unique patterns, these rugs bring a fresh, contemporary aesthetic into living spaces. Vibrant colours and highly detailed designs with a painterly feel add impact to any décor, from classic to modern. One thing is certain: these designer rugs will always stand out in a room and make a lasting impression on your guests. Whether they’re made of 100% new wool or a blend of viscose and wool, all of these rugs are expertly hand-tufted to ensure a premium finish and durability. Sizes range from medium to large and extra large, providing a great opportunity to transform any room, from compact bedrooms to medium-sized dining rooms and open-plan living rooms.

Moroccan Rugs

This collection includes gorgeous rugs sourced from Morocco and handmade by artisans using age-old techniques. An ideal solution to add an exotic touch to a classic, eclectic, or modern décor. Boasting traditional patterns and an array of vibrant colours balanced by neutral tones, these rugs look stunning from afar and captivating up close. You can select the perfect rug for your home from the designs available on our site. The rugs from the Moroccan collection feature various colours and textures, offering something for every interior design scheme and personal preference.