Axminster Imagination

Designer Rugs

Axminster - Masters of their trade

Created for children’s rooms, these rugs are inspired by childhood games, beloved characters, fun animals, or family holidays. Made with love and care, these products are a great way to add a bit of playfulness, bright colours, and eye-catching design elements to a child’s bedroom or a playroom.

Each rug beautifully paints a unique story, with lovely details that will surely catch the attention of young minds and young at heart adults alike. Choose from the wonderful designs that depict forest scenes with adorable birds, playful sheep, paint palm prints, or seaside scenes. All the rugs from this collection are available in a size of 91cm x 137cm and are manufactured with a special blend of 100% pure new wool. Each product is amazingly soft to the touch, wonderfully thick, and you can also personalise your rug with your child’s name, printed in the same font or design as the featured image.

Designed to last a lifetime, the gorgeous Imagination Rugs from Axminster are the perfect addition to a family home. Durable, easy to clean and to maintain, soft underfoot, with amazing air purification properties and made to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, these products are ideal for the modern home. Brighten up your child’s room or celebrate the arrival of a new baby with a personalised Imagination Rug.

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The company’s products are made using the classic art of carpet making, with unique and creative designs. By carefully analysing every step of the manufacturing process, choosing high quality yarn, and carefully inspecting the completed product, Axminster can always ensure the quality you would expect from this leading brand.

Intricate details and vivid colours

Unlike many other brands, Axmister carpets and rugs have a spectacular level of detail, with mesmerising designs that take your breath away. This is possible thanks to the company’s special method of weaving each strand of yarn through a quality cotton and jute backing, instead of just tufting, or sticking the yarn to the backing. The result? Durable rugs that also have more detail and gorgeous, intense colours with wonderful tonal changes to suit the design.

Only the Best Wool

Axminster use wool from different breeds of British sheep, with exclusive blends that offer a luxurious feel underfoot. Premium wool will last a lifetime, so you can be assured that by choosing an Axminster rug, you will receive amazing value for your home.

Wool’s amazing properties

  • Naturally flame retardant for more peace of mind
  • Great heat insulator
  • Cost effective, durable, and strong
  • Controls room humidity
  • It will absorb Volatile Organic Chemicals and reduce formaldehyde present in the air
  • Air purification properties – perfect for people with allergies
  • Wonderful acoustic reduction
  • Eco-friendly – 100% renewable, biodegradable, and sustainable