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Any room can look better with a stylish rug, but Black on White can make any space look stunning. Made by Louis de Poortere, this premium quality rug draws inspiration from vintage designs. Part of the Mad Men Jacob’s Ladder collection, the rug features distressed accents and an abstract pattern, both enhanced with a neutral grey palette. Woven to the highest standard on Jacquard Wilton looms, this Louis de Poortere rug is as high-quality as it is refined. Hand-finished reinforced corners, detailed stitching, and a convenient anti-slip backing complete the design. This elegant rug is available in a range of sizes, to suit any room.

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Product Specification

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Louis de Poortere


Mad Men Jacob's Ladder


Grey, White


85% chenille / 15% high gloss polyester

Available Sizes

140cm x 200cm, 170cm x 240cm, 200cm x 280cm, 230cm x 330cm

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