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SG F76 Surface Membrane

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Product Description

SG F76 Surface Membrane. A solvent free, two-part epoxy resin system, which chemically cures to suppress residual construction moisture in concrete and sand/cement screeds. Allowing the early instalment of moisture sensitive flooring installations in fast track building programmes or refurbishment projects.

A one-coat application system, the membrane can be used to isolate residual construction moisture where the subfloor relative humidity level is up to 92%. The system prevents moisture rising through the subfloor and causing adhesive failure and/or moisture ingression, deforming the floorcovering.

The product is pigmented blue to allow visual control of uniformity in application. To promote adhesion of the Stopgap floor smoothing underlayment, a coat of Stopgap P131 Primer should be used.

Product Specification

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F-Ball & Co



Accessory Type


General use


Available Sizes

10Kg, 20Kg, 5Kg

Area Covered

100m2, 25m2, 50m2

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