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Amtico Click Collection

 Quick and easy to install, Amtico Click offeres a truly inspiring range of Wood and Stone effects. Easy to install over underlay and without the need for adhesive, each tile snaps simply and seamlessly into place.

Click Collection is designed to replicate the look and texture of wood and stone with the added benefit of the durability and performance of vinyl.

Amtico Click Wood Designs

Amtico click wood collection is suited to almost any interior, from a traditional look to give a home the charming rustic look, to a modern sleek design that takes that new room to a new level while respecting the beauties of natural wood.

Nordic Oak SC5W2550

Nordic Oak sc5w2550

Featured Oak SC5W2533

Featured Oak sc5w2533

Dusky Walnut SC5W2542

Dusky Walnut sc5w2542

White Ash SC5W2540

White Ash sc5w2540

Dry Cedar SC5W2535

Dry Cedar sc5w2535

Chapel Oak SC5W3014

Chapel Oak sc5w3014

New England Oak SC5W2527

new enlgand oak sc5w2527

Honey Oak SC5W2504

Honey Oak sc5w2504

Black Walnut SC5W2534

Black Walnut sc5w2534

Sun Bleached Oak SC5W2531

Sun Bleached Oak sc5w2531

Amtico Click Stone Designs

Amtico Click stone collection screams style, the natural looks creates the perfect feel for any cool & contemporary space.

Call our Amtico trained staff to walk you through every step of your purchase on 0113 831 4313

Noche Travertine SC5S4590

Noche Travertine sc5s4590

Monmouth Slate SC5S7501

Monmouth Slate sc5s7501

Wave Slate Black SC5S2602

Wave Slate Black sc5s2602

Ceramic Ecru SC5S3592

Ceramic Ecru sc5s3592

Ceramic Frost SC5S6100

Ceramic Frost sc5s6100

Crema Travertine SC5S6101

Crema Travertine sc5s6101