Luxury Vinyl Flooring FAQs

How long do luxury vinyl tiles last?

The lifespan of a luxury vinyl tiles, varies on a number of different factors.
Companies like Karndean and Amtico offer lifetime guarantees on their products, but this is shown on the individual product pages.

Can you put vinyl tiles over laminate?

The key to the best possible finish with luxury vinyl tiles is the preparation work. Best at Flooring would always recommend taking the floor all the way down to the sub floor before fitting a luxury vinyl tile.

How do I clean or properly maintain my vinyl flooring?

The maintenance of the floor can vary slightly from manufacture to manufacture, but most manufactures supply a general maintenance product that you mix with water and apply with a bucket and sponge.

What is vinyl flooring?

Luxury vinyl tiles are a diverse and cost-effective choice for the home. They are ideal for areas such as kitchens or bathrooms as they are resistant to water when installed correctly. For this reason, vinyl tiles are often used to replace higher maintenance options such as solid wood flooring or carpet.

Where can I install vinyl flooring?

Luxury Vinyl flooring is perfect for all areas of the home, and idea for bathrooms and kitchens.

Can sunlight fade vinyl flooring?

Yes, all vinyl floors are prone to fading in direct sunlight. It is recommended that you close blinds or curtains on sunny days to protect your flooring.

Should I use underlay for my vinyl flooring?

Dryback luxury vinyl flooring is designed to be glued directly to the sub floor, however the luxury vinyl flooring click can be place on a special underlay that will both help with heat and sound reduction under foot. Always check the manufactures installation guide as some manufacture do not recommend underlay.