Eligna Wide

Give your home an elegant makeover with the Eligna Wide laminate flooring collection from Quick-Step. Made to the highest standard of quality, these floors are as long-lasting as they are elegant.

The planks measure 190mm x 1380mm and have a total thickness of 8mm. Thanks to the lack of bevels, the planks have a smooth, seamless surface when installed. This makes cleaning easier and more convenient, as the dust and dirt can’t accumulate in between the planks. A perfect choice for homes with children and pets as well as for people with allergies. Easy to install with the Click system, the planks are also easy to clean and to maintain.

In terms of designs, the Eligna Wide collection features light and neutral colours along with darker options. While the former can instantly brighten a room and make it look more spacious, the rich brown and fumed oak planks can create a focal point in any living space. Reclaimed wood designs and planks with saw cut patterns are also available. Backed by a 25-year warranty, these Eligna Wide laminate floors are a wise choice for any modern home.

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