Black Laminate Flooring

In the world of interior design, black is often associate with timelessness, boldness and elegance. It is mostly used in small amounts with other contrasting colours that compliment each other, which is exactly what black laminate flooring can do to your interior.

This type of laminate flooring is mostly used in kitchen spaces, but if you’re one to push boundaries and experiment with interior design, this is a chance to do it. You can browse our range in full below and if you require further assistance, give us a call for expert advice, order placements and free samples!

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  • Harbour Oak Dark D3573

    Harbour Oak Dark D3573

    £14.95Inc. VAT More Info
  • Quick Step Laminate | Impressive | Burned Planks IM 1862
    Quick-Step LaminateImpressive

    Burned Planks IM1862

    £24.95Inc. VAT More Info
  • Quick Step Laminate | Eligna | Newcastle Oak Dark EL3581
    Quick-Step LaminateEligna

    Newcastle Oak Dark EL3581

    £21.95Inc. VAT More Info
  • IM1862 Burned Planks 2
    Quick-Step LaminateImpressive Ultra

    Burned Planks IMU1862

    £36.95Inc. VAT More Info

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Some products have specific requirements for installation which affect your guarantee, as an authorised retailer we are not able to sell these products online without talking to you.

As a premium partner of this leading brand, we ask that you place your order over the phone, you will receive the very best advice relating to everything from design options, to installation and maintenance. Rest assured WE WILL NOT BE BEATEN ON PRICE.

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