Kaindl Laminate Flooring

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Kaindl - Laminate Flooring

With a rich history of more than 100 years and an innovative spirit, Kaindl prove that original ideas, artistic flair and craftsmanship are always a winning combination. Starting as a small saw mill in Austria, the company has taken the flooring industry and the whole world by storm with a never-ending amount of ideas and quality products.

Year after year, the Kaindl flooring collection continues to grow, setting new trends and creating new classics. With a variety of authentic wood surfaces, wonderful textures, new installation options and antique, distressed bevels, the laminate floors from these ranges can meet even the most discerning demands and satisfy the more sophisticated tastes of the modern customer.

Discover an amazing range of products, suitable for residential applications, commercial properties, offices, hotels, or retail spaces. With Best@Flooring, transforming your property has never been so easy and affordable.

Important Features of Kaindl Flooring

These floors are made predominantly from wood, and they don’t have a special coating to make them waterproof. They are not suitable for wet areas due to continual exposure to damp and moisture that can cause irreparable damage to your floors. You can install them in any other room except the bathroom and enjoy the advantages of laminate flooring for a very long time.

Easy to install with the tongue and groove system which doesn’t require the use of nails or messy adhesives and glues, as the planks lock mechanically for a perfect fit. This efficient system ensures your new floors will be extra stable and durable.

Kaindl laminate flooring is compatible with hot water underfloor heating systems but not with electric underfloor heating. If you are not sure what type of floor will suit your home, give our expert team a call and we’ll help you choose the right product for your property.

Kaindl Classic Touch Collection

The Kaindl Classic Touch collection blends the natural look of classic wooden elements with highly accurate and authentic surface textures to create products that are as memorable as they are functional. Made in an array of designs and styles, the floors from this range are suitable for any property, from quaint country house, to lavish open plan homes or compact and modern urban flats. You can completely transform a room with the right laminate floor that will complement your current décor and the colour palette of your furnishings. Choose from modern light colours that can brighten any space, go with the traditional light brown and warm tones that can suit any interior, or select the antique and distressed textures for rooms with a distinctive and timeless elegance.


90% of the content in Kaindl flooring is wood and the laminate flooring range is manufactured exclusively with eco-friendly timber from sustainable sources, for your peace of mind. The floors are also easy to recycle, as they do not qualify as hazardous waste. By choosing Kainld, you choose a greener option for your home – more than 86% of their flooring material is recycled and used for producing chipboard and fibreboard.