General Flooring FAQs

Which floor is best for which room?

There are obviously some floors that are more suitable for certain areas around the home than others. For example our Aqua-Step product is perfect for wet areas, but a lot of this is down to personal preference.

Which is better solid wood or engineered?

The main benefit of choosing Engineered Wood Flooring over Solid Wood is that due to the way it’s manufactured, with all the layers of wood, it’s less prone to movement and therefore can withstand rapid changes in temperatures and humidity. Read More…

Which floors can you use with underfloor heating?

The majority of modern floors are suitable for underfloor heating, but this can vary brand to brand or even product to product. Best at Flooring flooring suitability icons are there to advise at product level whether a floor is suitable or not.

How do you acclimatise a floor?

We would recommend leaving the floor due to be installed in the room of installation. In the majority of cases we would recommend leaving the product in the packaging in this installation period. The acclimatisation period can vary from hours to days depending on the product.

We would always suggest consulting the manufactures recommendations, as this can vary.

Should I use underlay for my flooring?

Whether you should use underlay with your flooring depends on the type of floor and how the floor is been installed.

The majority of floating floors require underlay where fixed floors do not. However we would always consult the manufactures recommendations.

Should I install my floor before or after my kitchen?

This is an age-old argument, but we believe that you should install your flooring after fitting your kitchen. For the following reasons:

  • Reduces the quantity required.
  • Prevents damage to the floor in the kitchen fitting process.
  • If you change the floor there is no effect on the installed kitchen.

Do you offer an installation service?

Best at Flooring currently offer a supply only service, but we recommend using services like to find the best local fitter.

Do you charge for samples?

95% of our samples are free of charge, however there are a few ranges where the suppliers do charge for this service. This is clear on checkout and we simply charge you our cost.